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New Head of Threat Research for Fidelis Cybersecurity Drives Threat Hunting with ...


Danny Pickens, former military intelligence and counterterrorism veteran

will drive threat intelligence



(Fidelis), a leading provider of threat detection,

threat hunting and response solutions, today announced the appointment

of Danny Pickens, as Director of the Threat Research Team. Pickens

brings over a decade of experience in military intelligence,

counterterrorism and cybersecurity to Fidelis.

New Head of Threat Research for Fidelis Cybersecurity Drives Threat Hunting with ...

“Danny has a wealth of expertise, coming from the military and

intelligence communities as well as leading large-scale, commercial

cyber threat intelligence operations. We are thrilled to have him lead

our Threat Research Team in delivering countermeasures and finished

intel to our products and customers,” said Nick Lantuh, President and

CEO, Fidelis Cybersecurity. “The threat intelligence derived by Danny

and the Team, along with the rich metadata, content and contextual

understanding that we capture from customer networks, cloud and

endpoints, are critical components to effectively hunt for threats

buried deep within your environment.”

Prior to joining Fidelis, Pickens served as a Director at Optiv where he

managed the Global Threat Intelligence Center and lead research for

managed security services. He spent the majority of his career within

the United States military and various divisions of the Department of

Defense and other U.S. Government organizations, working across the

tactical, operational and strategic-levels of intelligence and cyber

operations. He continues to serve in the U.S. Army Reserves as an

intelligence team Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) where he

supervises the preparation and dissemination of all-source intelligence

products, intelligence summaries, forecasts, and assessments.

“The best cybersecurity is armed with true intelligence the work of

understanding threat motives to better predict and prevent malicious

activities,” said Pickens. “This intelligence is required for leaders to

make informed and good, judgement-based decisions. It has a role in

every industry, but the expectation and abilities in cyber threat

intelligence have evolved dramatically in the past few years, moving way

beyond a threat feed or blocking at the perimeter based on static

indicators. Fidelis is at the forefront of this evolution. I am thrilled

to join the highly-experienced team here, where we have such strong

technology supporting us and vision for the future.”

Insight from the Fidelis Threat Research Team directly feeds the Fidelis Elevate

platform which arms security teams with the ability to quickly detect

and respond to inbound and insider threats as well as data theft. The

platform provides deep visibility while monitoring all traffic on all

ports and protocols across the entire infrastructure. Fidelis services,

including Managed Detection and Response, Incident Response and more,

can be deployed atop the Elevate platform as necessary.

About Fidelis Cybersecurity

Fidelis Cybersecurity is a leading provider of threat detection, hunting

and response solutions. Fidelis combats the full spectrum of

cyber-crime, data theft and espionage by providing full visibility

across hybrid cloud / on-prem environments, automating threat and data

theft detection, empowering threat hunting and optimizing incident

response with context, speed and accuracy.

By integrating bi-directional network traffic analysis across your cloud

and internal networks with email, web, endpoint detection and response,

and automated deception technology, the Fidelis Elevate platform

captures rich metadata and content that enables real-time and

retrospective analysis, giving security teams the platform to

effectively hunt for threats in their environment. Fidelis solutions are

delivered as standalone products, an integrated platform, or as a 24×7

Managed Detection and Response service that augments existing security

operations and incident response capabilities. Fidelis is trusted by

Global 1000s and Governments as their last line of defense. Get in the

hunt. For more information go to www.fidelissecurity.com .


Gaby Yim

New Head of Threat Research for Fidelis Cybersecurity Drives Threat Hunting with ...
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