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SentinelOne Partners with Exabeam to Rapidly Detect and Autonomously Stop Advanc ...

Technology Integration Enables Customers to Automate Incident
Response Across the Enterprise


the autonomous endpoint protection company, and Exabeam ,

the next-gen SIEM company, today announced a strategic partnership and

the technology integration of the SentinelOne autonomous endpoint

protection console with the Exabeam Security Management Platform. The

joint solution integrates SentinelOne and the Exabeam Security

Management Platform to allow customers to rapidly detect and

automatically respond to threats across all endpoints.

SentinelOne Partners with Exabeam to Rapidly Detect and Autonomously Stop Advanc ...

SentinelOne is the only next-gen solution that autonomously defends

every endpoint against every type of attack, at every stage in the

threat lifecycle. Through the integration, joint customers will be able

to ingest threat and incident data directly from SentinelOne into the

Exabeam Security Management Platform to baseline normal behavior.

Customers can combine that data with data from other IT and security

solutions to provide security analysts with greater visibility against

advanced attacks.

Additionally, Exabeam can trigger automated incident response for

compromised endpoints using theSentinelOne API. By gathering all

related events into Exabeam Smart Timelines, analysts can automatically

reconstruct the events underlying security incidents. The Exabeam

Security Management Platform automatically identifies risky, anomalous

device activity that may be indicative of a security incident or

compromise. Customers can then automatically respond to the incident

directly from the Exabeam UI: changing user passwords, sending email

verifications, restarting and scanning hosts, getting device and/or user

information, and enabling or disabling two-factor authentication. They

can also generate and list reports, list processes, get files and list

applications on a host.

“Strategic partnerships of this nature represent the future of the

security market combining autonomous endpoint protection with powerful

SIEM capabilities to speed incident response, while helping customers

contextualize how they’re mitigating risk,” said Daniel Bernard, VP

Business & Corporate Development, SentinelOne. “This integration will

enable customers to see the true story of what’s happening across their

network and endpoints, while knowing that they’re fully protected

against today’s most devastating threats.”

“The integration with SentinelOne feeds the Exabeam Security Management

Platform with rich data that makes it easier for our customers to

understand the problem they’re facing and immediately mitigate the

potential exposure,” said Ted Plumis, Vice President of Worldwide

Channels, Exabeam. “When threats are detected, Exabeam’s security

orchestration and response automation solution helps users take

corrective actions via response playbooks.”

The joint solution will be available through mutual channel partners of

SentinelOne and Exabeam, like Optiv and Exclusive Networks.

“As a leading security solutions integrator, Optiv combines proprietary

services with transformative and integrated technologies. Bringing EPP,

EDR and efficient SIEM together into a streamlined workflow, both

SentinelOne and Exabeam are valuable tools for our service leaders and

our clients in recognizing fast time-to-value,” said Todd Weber, Vice

President, Partner Strategy and Research, Optiv. “We look forward to

working with both companies as we continue to help global organizations

rationalize and optimize their security programs.”

“The threat landscape has evolved, and so in turn has the market,” said

Luk Schoonaert, Director of Technology, Exclusive Networks. “A true

value to a partner and an end customer comes from delivering an

integrated security solution that enables them to detect and respond to

potential threats in their IT environments in a simplified and an

efficient way. We’ve been working closely with both Exabeam and

SentinelOne and look forward to engaging with both teams to ensure their

solution is readily available to our partners and customers in our

diverse portfolio.”

About SentinelOne

SentinelOne delivers autonomous endpoint

protection through a single agent that successfully prevents, detects

and responds to attacks across all major vectors. Designed for extreme

ease of use, the S1 platform saves customers time by applying AI to

automatically eliminate threats in real time for both on premise and

cloud environments and is the only solution to provide full visibility

across networks directly from the endpoint. To learn more visit sentinelone.com

or follow us at @SentinelOne ,

on LinkedIn

or Facebook .

About Exabeam

Exabeam delivers next-generation security

management technology that enables organizations to protect their most

valuable information. The Exabeam Security Management Platform combines

unlimited log data collection, advanced behavioral analytics, and

automated incident response, all supported by Exabeam’s patented Smart

Timelines technology that uses machine learning to track identity and

behavior over time. The company’s recent industry accolades include

Forbes Cloud 100, Inc. 500, and SC Awards Europe, among many other

distinctions. Exabeam is privately funded by Aspect Ventures, Cisco

Investments, Icon Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Norwest Venture

Partners and well-known security inves

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