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Sysdig Closes $68.5 Million in Series D Funding to Enable Enterprises to Secure ...

Investment fuels company leadership in delivering converged security
and monitoring solutions for enterprises adopting containers and


, the cloud-native intelligence company, today announced it

raised $68.5 million in series D funding, led by Insight Venture

Partners, with participation from previous investors, Bain Capital

Ventures and Accel. This round of funding brings Sysdig’s total funding

to date to $121.5 million. Sysdig will use the funds to extend its

leadership in enabling enterprises to operate reliable and secure

containerized infrastructure and cloud-native applications.

Sysdig Closes .5 Million in Series D Funding to Enable Enterprises to Secure  ...
Sysdig Closes .5 Million in Series D Funding to Enable Enterprises to Secure  ...
Suresh Vasudevan, CEO at Sysdig, authored a


post with more information on Sysdig’s funding


Sysdig offers enterprises the first unified approach to container

security, monitoring, and forensics. Unlike traditional approaches, the


was built with an understanding

of the modern DevSecOps workflow across Kubernetes, Docker and both

private and public clouds. Sysdig’s open source forensics technology, Sysdig ,

and its open source security project,


, have a community of millions of users, and provide the

foundation for a rich, commercial product set. Dozens of Global 2000

enterprises are Sysdig customers today, including many of the world’s

largest financial institutions, media companies, cable companies,

technology companies, and government agencies.

451 Research predicts the cloud-enabling technology market to grow to

$39.6B through 2020, and containers are predicted to be the fastest

growing segment of that market at 40%. Gartner predicts that “by 2020,

more than 50% of global organizations will be running containerized

applications in production, up from less than 20% today.” 1

“As enterprises accelerate their move to cloud-native applications, they

recognize the need for a new breed of solutions that will enable them to

meet performance, reliability, security, and compliance requirements,”

said Richard Wells, Managing Director at Insight Venture Partners.

“Sysdig’s novel approach of tapping an entirely new data source that

provides both security and monitoring for container-based applications

has proven more effective, more scalable, and higher ROI. That

significant technological advantage combined with an experienced

management team led by CEO Suresh Vasudevan gives Sysdig a strong

position in the marketplace and we are excited to welcome them to the

Insight portfolio.”

Sysdig launched


in October of 2017, cementing the Sysdig Cloud-Native

Intelligence Platform as the only solution to offer unified security,

monitoring, and forensics with native Kubernetes and Prometheus

integration for containers and microservices. Last quarter, Sysdig

expanded on the deep container visibility Sysdig provides to create

Sysdig Secure 2.0, which brings


to cloud-native environments and microservices for enterprise customers.

Sysdig Secure is the first container security offering to take a

data-driven approach across all aspects of the container lifecycle.

“Enterprises are adopting cloud-native technology for its speed of

development, multi-cloud scaling capabilities, and lower total cost of

ownership,” said Suresh Vasudevan, CEO at Sysdig. “But, they are hitting

roadblocks with old school security and monitoring products. To be

successful, these organizations need new solutions that are

cloud-native. Sysdig has emerged as the only solution that delivers

enterprises the complete set of capabilities needed to protect an

environment, ensure that it is running smoothly, and meet compliance

requirements. Sysdig delivers it all, both in the cloud and on-premise,

in order to grow with companies as they undertake this journey.”

This round of funding further accelerates the strong momentum and rapid

growth Sysdig has experienced over the last year. Downloads of Sysdig

Falco have roughly tripled over the last 12 months and active users of

the Sysdig SaaS offerings have grown nearly six times year over year.

Last month, Sysdig opened a second headquarters in Raleigh, North

Carolina to keep up with company growth while the company also continues

to scale its offices in San Francisco, Belgrade, and London.

In addition to its global growth, Sysdig has expanded its executive team

with the hiring of


in April and


last month. Sysdig

continues to deliver on its commitment to leading the industry by

collaborating with the Cloud-Native Computing Foundation, the PCI

Security Council, and industry partners and by contributing to the

development of security recommendations for modern infrastructure.

About Sysdig

Sysdig is the cloud-native intelligence company.

We have created the only unified platform to deliver container security,

monitoring, and forensics in a microservices-friendly architecture. Our

open source technologies have attracted a community of over a million

developers, administrators and other IT professionals looking for deep

visibility into applications and containers. Our cloud-native

intelligence platform monitors and secures millions of containers across

hundreds of enterprises, including Fortune 500 companies and web-scale

properties. Learn more at www.sysdig.com .

About Insight Venture Partners

Insight Venture Partners is a leading global venture capital and private

equity firm investing in high-growth technology and software companies

that are driving transformative change in their industries. Founded in

1995, Insight currently has over $20 billion of assets under management

and has cumulatively invested in more than 300 companies worldwide. Our

mission is to find, fund, and work successfully with visionary

executives, providing them with practical, hands-on growth expertise to

foster long-term success. Across our people and our portfolio, we

encourage a culture around a core belief: growth equals opportunity. For

more information on Insight and all its investments, visit www.insightpartners.com

or follow us on Twitter @insightpartners .

About Bain Capital Ventures

Bain Capital Ventures partners with disruptive founders to accelerate

their ideas to market. The firm invests from seed to growth in

enterprise software, infrastructure software, crypto, and industries

being transformed by data. Bain Capital Ventures has helped launch and

commercialize more than 200 companies since 1984, including DocuSign,

Jet.com, Kiva Systems, LinkedIn, Rapid7, Redis Labs, Rent the Runway,

SendGrid, SurveyMonkey, SysDig, Taleo, and Turbonomic. Bain Capital

Ventures has approximately $3.9 billion in assets under management with

offices in San Francisco, Palo Alto, New York and Boston. Follow the

firm via LinkedIn

or Twitter .

About Accel

Accel partners with exceptional founders with unique insights, from

inception through all phases of growth. Atlassian, Braintree, Cloudera,

Crowdstrike, DJI, DocuSign, Dropbox, Etsy, Facebook, Flipkart, Jet,

Pillpack, Qualtrics, Slack, Spotify, Supercell, Tenable, Venmo and Vox

Media are among the companies the firm has backed over the past 35

years. The firm seeks to understand entrepreneurs as individuals,

appreciate their originality and play to their strengths. Because

greatness doesn’t have a stereotype. For more, visit www.accel.com ,


or www.twitter.com/accel .


1 Gartner, Smarter with Gartner, 6 Best Practices for

Creating a Container Platform Strategy October 31, 2017, https://www.gartner.com/smarterwithgartner/6-best-practices-for-creating-a-container-platform-strategy/


280blue, Inc.

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Sysdig Closes .5 Million in Series D Funding to Enable Enterprises to Secure  ...
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