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Friend Placing Data Power in the Hands of Users

Friend Software is a Norwegian company founded in 2014 and is the company behind Friend TheInternet OS. Friend isan new open source operating system software that provides users with full control over their data and gives them easy access to it from any device via any browser (e.g operated on TVs, palmtops, laptops, desktops etc.)

The Friend Workspace is essentially a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) and a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) -all in one. It enables the users to access the entire network via their desktop or smartphones. The Workspace can be further optimized for new applications, disks, and services from the Friend Store market places.

Friend allows users to gain unified access and control over their, applications, data and computing resourceswithout relying on an particular centralized corporate network or “big corporate” licenses.

Friend Cloud Computer

Friend empowers the users by giving access to a unified multitasking workspace accessed via any browser. Using Friend, the user has access to a robust network (The Friend Network) where she or he can connect and combine a vast range of blockchain-powered applications available in the Friend Store market place. Friend can combine any blockchain technology with conventional software, services and resources all in the same user experience.

Friend is an autonomous Cloud Computer that is entirely controlled by its users. By acquiring the Friend Network Token (FRND), users can share resources, exchange data, run applications, etc., hence increasing the accessibility, freedom and versatility of use whilst lowering the computing costs.

The Friend ecosystem is a vast and decentralized network of services and resources. It is a platform where members can participate within their computing power, bandwidth and storage space to develop a user-owned infrastructure, where digital independence and privacy is central. This network allows users to create a personal virtual computer that is available anytime and anywhere, from any device.

Faster and More Effective Application Development

Friend has been designed to provide a one-of-kind experience to developers that they don’t get elsewhere. Firstly, it is the only platform that offers a true “write once, run anywhere” service. Once the application is developed in the Friend network, it can efficiently run on iOS, linux, Mac, windows, and Android devices. Additionally, it allows developers to benefit from decentralized technologies such as Ethereum. By setting up easy to understand APIs and cross-integration structures, Friend enables fast transition to web 4.0 and 5.0 for everyone.

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Friend   Placing Data Power in the Hands of Users

The ecosystem has a decentralized network of Friend nodes that respond to standardized RESTful APIS for all essential functionalities. This enables developers to garner predictable results while shifting their app from a local test network to the global Friend network. Moreover, by eliminating the need for expensive infrastructure and prohibitive license agreements, the platform allows developers to test, debug and collaborate the projects without any hassle. It offers a multi-user enabled integrated development environment that allows developers to form their team and network of trusted private resources on the Friend ecosystem.

Fast and Seamless Global Deployment

Friend Network incorporates decentralized kernel nodes, also known as Friend Cores, and application requests are processed through these nodes or cores in the grid. This implies that apps can run on the node network that allows users from across the globe to experience faster response time on servers near them. Furthermore, due to client-side encryption, private information is encrypted while in transit and at rest, thus ensuring optimum security and preservation of a user’s digital property.

Data Control and Security

Friend allows developers to select a storage provider according to their preference. Other than its built-in storage space, the platform gives users the opportunity to connect with distinct services like Google Drive, Dropbox, IPDB, IPFS, Fluence, Golem etc. Moreover, it uses client-side encryption for maximum security and allows encrypting data at rest using file system drivers.

Friend is an exceptional personal computer revolution developed to provide unified operating systems to users globally. It is a Unifying Platform. By placing data control in the hands of the users, Friend is working its way towards conferring digital independence. This will increase the information usability and minimize the risk of data abuse.

Friend will change the way people understand and use computers.

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