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WindTalker Debuts Innovative New Content Security Platform at ILTACON 2018

Legal professionals can safely redact, protect and share documents
without fear of the unintended disclosure of privileged information. NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. (BUSINESS WIRE) #ILTACON18 ― ILTACON 2018


will unveil its new content security platform at ILTACON 2018

today. WindTalker’s innovative cloud-based service offers law firms

complete control of sensitive information throughout its lifecycle. By

providing granular protection of content versus the file, WindTalker

enables the most secure information sharing capabilities in the

industry. In addition to the added security, clients see the value-added

benefit of workflow and process efficiencies that save time and money.

WindTalker Debuts Innovative New Content Security Platform at ILTACON 2018

In today’s environment, legal professionals should take every precaution

possible to eliminate inadvertent and inappropriate data leaks. Built

directly into Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat, users can classify,

encrypt, and redact content. WindTalker employs Rights Based Access

Permissions to ensure only the appropriate internal and external

audiences have access to information. WindTalker’s content encryption

provides essential paragraph-by-paragraph, line-by-line, word-by-word

protection. The platform automatically logs events for auditing purposes

and also supports privilege logs as well.

Once content is protected, WindTalker provides patented

Secure Data

. Each individually embedded encipherment protects

sensitive information with FIPS 140-2 Certified AES 256 encryption

algorithms. The encrypted information is now protected wherever it goes,

even when copy and pasted, and throughout its entire lifecycle.

Attorneys and firms retain full control over information access, even

when sending documents to cloud-based applications, flash drives, courts

or opposing counsel.

Christopher Combs, President of CEO of WindTalker, Inc., said: “We are

excited to introduce WindTalker to legal professionals at ILTACON. The

WindTalker content security platform protects sensitive information,

reducing and virtually eliminating the harmful risks to both firms and

their clients. However, the value proposition of WindTalker goes beyond

just the security of information. WindTalker aims to improve legacy

business processes for law firms and improve regulatory compliance for

client privacy and confidentiality. Truly a revolutionary product,

WindTalker has infinite potential to benefit all types of professionals,

including lawyers, legal staff and electronic discovery professionals.

Several partners, firms, clinics and cities have already successfully

deployed WindTalker in advance of our upcoming launch, as we felt it was

critical to gain domain knowledge before we fully launched into the

market. ”

WindTalker will officially launch in September/October 2018. ILTACON

2018 attendees and media can see a sneak preview or complete

demonstration of WindTalker at booth# 436.

For more information, visit www.windtalkersecurity.com

or email info@windtalkersecurity.com .

About WindTalker, Inc.


developed the groundbreaking WindTalker cloud-based content

security platform for legal, healthcare, military/government, and other

organizations that depend on confidential information to be securely

shared with third parties. WindTalker’s patented technology provides one

central place to manage document, data and content security. The company

was founded in 2016 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. For more

information, visit www.windtalkersecurity.com

or follow WindTalker on Twitter @WindTalkerInc

or LinkedIn .


WindTalker, Inc.

Christy Burke, 917-261-2845

President, Burke

& Company

WindTalker Debuts Innovative New Content Security Platform at ILTACON 2018
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