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Apple’s tall claims of security falsified by an Australian teen; hacked into th ...


Apple is a company that has always produced high-quality products known for their privacy and security. But the company has failed to maintain its brand image as a teen has hacked into Apple’s secure computer network.

This incident left Apple into a dilemma as the company has always made tall claims of security and privacy of user data.

Australian Teen Hacked Into Apple’s Mainframe

The Age reported that a Melbourne teen “repeatedly broke into Apple’s mainframe from his suburban home on multiple occasions over a year because he was such a fan of the company.”

The company has called in the FBI, whose official didn’t reveal the name of the teen since he is a private schoolboy and there are some legal reasons.

According to the Children’s Court, this teen had downloaded 90GB of secure files and accessed customer accounts.

The teen was discovered by a raid on his family home, where he developed computerized tunnels and online bypassing systems to hide his identity.

During the raid, agencies recovered many hacking files and instructions saved in a folder titled “hacky hack hack.”

Defending his client, teen’s lawyer said, “his client had become so well known in the international hacking community that even mentioning the case in detail could expose him to risk.”

The court heard that Australian Federal Police (AFP) issued a search warrant on the teen’s home last year.

During the raid, authorities seized two Apple laptops and the serial numbers matched the serial numbers of the devices, which accessed the internal systems of Apple.

Moreover, authorities also seized a mobile phone and a hard drive and the IP address, which matched the intrusions into the organization.

Teen’s purpose to hack into the system is to connect remote to Apple’s internal systems.

When Apple smelled something nasty, it contacted the FBI, who passed the inquiry to the AFP.

Federal Police of Australia discovered the software, which was used in the hacking, was installed on the teen’s computer.

The teen had successfully accessed ‘authorized keys’ as part of this crime of hacking. These authorized keys, which are said to be extremely secure, grant log-in access to users.

Summing up…

There remains little doubt that Apple failed to secure its castle. This crime has sparked a new debate: how can Apple protect user’s data and privacy?

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