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Protect your Fortnite account by enabling two-factor authentication

Protect Your Fortnite Account How to add two-factor authentication to your Epic Games account for Fortnite Keep your Fortnite account secure with this simple move.

Quentyn Kennemer

16 Aug 2018

Take a break from getting Victory Royales on Fortnite to read this important piece of advice: you can, and should add two-factor authentication to your Epic Games account. It's easy and takes all but a few minutes to get it done, and you'll be glad you did.

What's two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication is a security system that requires two levels of authentication for logging into an account. In most scenarios, the first level will be your typical password, and while a strong password alone is a good start, it's not foolproof. If someone were to find out your password somehow, they'd be escorted right into your account like they own the place.

But with two-factor authentication, the person trying to break or hack into your account would need a secondary, separate form of authentication to get going. In most cases, this second factor is some sort of security code sent to your email address or phone but could be something as high tech as a piece of hardware that you plug into your computer .

You might already be using two-factor authentication in your life and not even realize it. If you've ever been to an ATM to take cash out of the bank, you'll know that it requires not just the bank card, but also the security code that only you know.

Two-factor Authentication: Everything you need to know

Should you enable two-factor authentication on your Fortnite account?

In short: yes. Even if you don't think someone could possibly get your password, just do it. There are all sorts of phishing scams and schemes out there designed to get you to hand over your password, and even the most eagle-eyed people with an awareness of these schemes could slip up. That's not to mention what could happen if you're using the same password in multiple places (which you absolutely shouldn't do!) and one of those places suffers a breach of security.

By enabling two-factor authentication, you're ensuring that anyone who happens upon your password can't truly access the account. It may seem harmless for someone to hack into a user account for a game like Fortnite at first thought, but there's a lot at risk if it happens.

The biggest risk is for those who have spent money on the game. Not only could someone hijack your account, they can also see your billing information such as your name, your address, and the last four digits of your credit card number. While it's unlikely someone could figure out how to commit credit card fraud from that data alone, that information could be used to trick, say, a customer service agent into thinking you are the person you're attempting to fraud.

And that's not just a concern for your Fortnite account ― they can use that information anywhere you do business.

There's also the matter of someone using your money on skins and potentially sending you into financial peril. It's just plain annoying to deal with, and it's certainly something you want to avoid if at all possible.

How to enable two-factor authentication on your Epic Games account

Now that you've been informed, it's time to take action. Thankfully, securing your Fortnite account is quick and easy. Here's how to do it:

Head to the Epic Games website and sign in. Hover over your username in the upper-right corner and click Account . In the left menu, click Password & Security .

Scroll down to the Account Security section and click Enable Two-Factor Sign In .

And that's it. By default, Epic Games will use the verified email address you used to sign up. When attempting to log into the account on a new device or after 30 days of inactivity, they will send a code to that email address which you'll need to use to complete the login process. Now you can worry less about the nefarious deeds of hackers and more about those of the people trying to keep you from victory in Fortnite!

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