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MSPs Increasingly Select Barkly for Endpoint Protection

Frustrated with legacy antivirus, MSPs are turning to Barkly’s
powerful protection with simple management and proven ROI over 600%


the company advancing endpoint security by combining the strongest,

smartest protection with the simplest management, today announced a

significant increase in the number of MSPs replacing or augmenting their

legacy antivirus solutions with Barkly Endpoint Protection. With


by an antivirus having suffered an attack

last year, MSPs are turning to Barkly to close this critical protection

gap for their customers.

MSPs Increasingly Select Barkly for Endpoint Protection

“Today’s attack landscape has evolved and our clients need strong

protection against fileless and zero day attacks. We selected Barkly

because it stops attacks that get past other solutions, deploys in

minutes without policies or configuration, and requires zero security

resources,” said Paul Sponcia, CEO, The IT Company.

A recent comprehensive study commissioned by Barkly and conducted by

Forrester Consulting showed that Barkly’s strength of protection against

modern attacks and ease of management delivered a


within three months. “Modern endpoint security

means balancing security performance with ease of management, all while

considering the impact of more sophisticated attacks. Barkly has taken

this into consideration when architecting its offering, making a

compelling case for organizations and resellers looking for an approach

to endpoint security with low operational impact,” said Fernando

Montenegro, Senior Analyst, 451 Research.

“Unlike other next-generation solutions, Barkly delivers strong

protection against zero-day exploits and fileless attacks without

compromising on ease-of-use. Barkly closes our customers’ protection

gaps through a unique 3-level architecture that has visibility into all

levels of the system to block attacks,” said Matt Murphy, President of

V.I. Experts. “The ability for us to manage Barkly for our customers

from a desktop or mobile phone is just another way Barkly goes above and

beyond the competition to deliver the strongest protection with the best

management experience.”

There are three key components to the Barkly Endpoint Protection

Platform that enable Barkly to block modern attacks while delivering the

simplest management experience ― Barkly ProtectIQ, Barkly EvolveIQ,

and Barkly CommandIQ.

Barkly ProtectIQ delivers the strongest protection against the
infection and exploitation techniques used in today’s complex attacks.
ProtectIQ uses Barkly’s patented 3-level architecture and ability to
combine information from native CPU-level hardware capabilities,
kernel-level drivers, and user-space analytics for an unmatched
ability to see and block attacks real-time. ProtectIQ is delivered
through the Barkly Rapidvisor agent, which is incredibly fast,
lightweight, and consumes less than 1% of CPU. Barkly EvolveIQ automatically converts malware intelligence into
powerful protection through its Continuous Machine Learning Engine
that trains models nightly against the latest malware and goodware.
The result is maximized protection against new and unknown threats and
minimized false positives. Barkly CommandIQ provides a simple, cloud-based management experience
with automated incident response from any desktop or mobile device.
Customers can learn the who, what, when, and where of every incident
with 1-click response and remediation, root cause identification, and
attack visualization. No security expertise, policy management, or
configuration is required.

“With Barkly’s strong protection, MSPs are driving up their revenue and

profitability. Stronger protection means less time spent cleaning up

customer incidents, and Barkly’s unique ease-of-use means MSPs don’t

waste time writing and managing complex policies to protect their

customers from advanced attacks,” said Mike Duffy, CEO of Barkly.

Barkly is independently certified for antivirus replacement by AV-TEST

and Coalfire. The


, completed by AV-TEST, proved Barkly’s antivirus replacement

efficacy with zero impact to performance.

About Barkly:

Barkly is advancing endpoint security by combining the strongest

protection, smartest technology, with the simplest management. The

Barkly Endpoint Protection Platform blocks attacks across all vectors

and intents, including exploits, scripts, executables, and ransomware.

Barkly is the only protection with visibility into all levels of the

system, including the CPU and stays up-to-date through its continuous

machine-learning engine that automatically converts threat intelligence

into powerful protection through nightly training on malware and

customer-specific goodware. Barkly requires no security expertise to

setup and deploy and makes management simple through any desktop or

mobile device. Barkly is independently certified for antivirus

replacement, HIPAA, PCI DSS & NIST by Coalfire and AV-TEST. Barkly is

formed by an elite team of security and SaaS experts from IBM, Cisco and

Intel, and is backed by investors NEA and Sigma Prime. Learn more by

visiting us at www.barkly.com

or follow us on Twitter @BarklyProtects.



Maya Pattison, 617-488-9400

Director of PR

MSPs Increasingly Select Barkly for Endpoint Protection
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