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Passwords Rendered Obsolete by New Security Technology

Ci 4


Architecture Removes the Need for Passwords to Secure Devices and


WASHINGTON (BUSINESS WIRE) infOsci, LLC announced today the capability to securely send

communications and access web-based services, apps and devices without

the need for multiple, elaborate passwords. The company’s patented Ci 4

technology works by changing security keys on the fly, in the

background, as often as desired―every 30 minutes, every 30 seconds, or

every 0.3 seconds―so that even an attacker with the key is defeated the

instant the system updates. By removing passwords from the

authentication process, Ci 4 presents an entirely new security

paradigm that grants end users the rare combination of greater security

and improved convenience.

In a recent survey 1 of 2,000 adults, FICO, a data analytics

company, uncovered the frustration many Americans feel with modern

security measures. According to the survey, 64 percent of respondents

don’t see the need for elaborate passwords featuring a mix of numbers,

symbols and capital letters. And 78 percent of respondents said they

struggle to keep track of all their passwords. On average, users have 34

different online accounts.

“Because we take passwords out of the security chain and simply make

them your name and address, you can use the same password everywhere and

you don’t have to keep it secret,” said John Ellingson, managing member

at infOsci. “Ci 4 ’s revolutionary approach to end-point

security presents a unique way to deliver both: providing a superior

level of security for devices, without the hassle of creating and

remembering multiple, complex passwords.”

Recent and highly publicized data breaches at Equifax, Sony, Target, the

U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM), Yahoo! and dozens of others

reveal the inadequacies of cybersecurity based upon keeping access

credentials secret. A Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report 2

found 80% of hacking-related breaches leverage either stolen passwords

or weak or guessable passwords. Where system security is dependent upon

hundreds or thousands of people maintaining secret passwords, it is only

a matter of time before a password is compromised and the system becomes


“It is clear that cybersecurity based on secret credentials is no longer

dependable security,” said Caroline Lynch, owner of Copper Hills

Strategies and former Chief Counsel of the House Judiciary Subcommittee

on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations. “Ci 4

technology prevents breaches, phishing and spear phishing attacks, or

man-in-the-middle attacks that use stolen credentials. Its ability to

secure devices without the need for passwords is the next step in

cybersecurity’s evolution.”

Ci 4 technology can be readily deployed in support of cloud

computing, distributed ledger technologies (including blockchains,

cryptocurrencies and wallets), e-commerce, the Internet of Things (IoT),

medical devices, mobile devices, streaming media, or any networked

device requiring authentication to access a secure system.

About infOsci

infOsci is a technology company based in Northern Virginia with deep

roots in the U.S. intelligence community and information security. The

company’s patented Ci 4 technology eliminates the risk

associated with passwords, static certificates, and public key

infrastructure (PKI)―where credentials can be hacked, spoofed, or

stolen. Ci 4 leverages a revolutionary system of dynamic and

ever-changing credentials for perpetually securing devices and

communications. This new security framework also speeds remediation and

recovery from attacks, allowing organizations to resume security and

connectivity faster than current cybersecurity approaches. Ci 4

technology delivers security in a world that cannot keep secrets. For

more information, visit Ci4.us .




for infOsci

Jim Jochum, 202-281-4886

Passwords Rendered Obsolete by New Security Technology
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