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[Infographic] Optimizing Secure Mobility in Retail


According to IDC research, 53% of retailers report that mobile is a top priority. Forty-five percent implement mobile capabilities, and 33% are actively working on more than two mobility projects.

Explore the biggest threats and mobile security trends in retail in the IDC infographic below.

IDC Research: 2016 Retail Mobility Trends from VMware AirWatch

In today’s retail market, consumers expect optimal digital experiences. To remain competitive and attract customers, it’s imperative that retailers shape and amplify consumer interactions in transformative ways. Digital transformation via mobility is an essential element in the mix.

With mobile initiatives and cyber threats on the rise, data and transactions must be secure. While nearly half of retail organizations are developing internal apps, most businesses fall short of securing the technology. According to the IDC infographic:

Nearly 50% of retail organizations have implemented a security solution, but only 1% report security problems as being solved.

Enterprise mobile security technology can help reduce the risk of data loss involving employees, contractors and other groups.

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[Infographic] Optimizing Secure Mobility in Retail
Increased vulnerabilities require tighter device-level controls and monitoring. Hackers follow the money. As mobile capabilities become more prevalent, mobile enterprise apps become a bigger target.

It is critical for retailers to also recognize that as shipment of Android and iOS devices grow, so does the emergence of increased vulnerabilities in their core operating systems. IDC reported that from 2000-2015, iOS vulnerabilities grew from a reported 27 in 2009 to 375 in 2015. Android vulnerabilities grew from 5 to 130 over the same period. Retailers need a comprehensive integrated mobile security strategy to combat vulnerabilities and threats before they happen.

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An integrated enterprise strategy combines an array of technologies with coordinated deployment. By integrating enterprise mobility management (EMM) and threat security with intelligent network security, retailers can:

Ensure corporate or employee-owned device security; Secure apps with device and application-level policies; Secure content and email based on compliance; Secure mobile communication and networks; and Continuously monitor cyberattacks before they happen.

How can a retail organization take advantage of integrated enterprise mobile security?

Establish collaborative relationships with IT and line of business to ensure all endpoints and infrastructures are secure across stores and brands. Take advantage of micro-segmentation for granular levels of data center security to limit a cyberattack footprint. Implement identity and access management with conditional access to secure contacts between user, device, mobile network, cloud and the data center. Secure mobile devices, apps and networks on cloud and data center resources from cyberattacks.

In retail, there is no such thing as too much security. Issues around data security are one of the top two challenges slowing connected retail initiatives. Mobile security is a top concern among enterprise organizations for the foreseeable future. Therefore, it is imperative retail organizations deploy solutions that are secure at the device, application and data level to:

Be fully protected from the inherent risk associated with mobile; Take full advantage of innovation opportunities; and Prepare for the connected future and the Internet of Things.

To learn more about security solutions for retail, visit air-watch.com/solutions/mobile-security/ .

You can also visit air-watch.com/industries/retail/ to learn how other retailers use the Secure Digital Workspace for Retail, powered by VMware Workspace ONE, to secure their retail environment.

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