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Microsoft Makes Their Pitch to be your Cybersecurity Partner


Microsoft Makes Their Pitch to be your Cybersecurity Partner

Security is a regular discussion for businesses because it can have a wide ranging impact on services for customers.

From protecting networks, hardware, data, and customer information it requires a steady strain approach to be effective.

Security can no longer use the set and forget type approach - it must be a constant process of analysis, implementation, and improvements to be effective.

Today, over on the Microsoft Secure Blog , the Redmond company is making their case for becoming your partner in cybersecurity, and they are presenting a five pronged approach.

Strong Commitment to Cybersecurity

-- Significant security investments: They invest over $1 billion annually on security.

-- Microsoft powered by Microsoft: They use the same products and services they offer to their customers.

-- World class security talent and expertise: Security roles are integrated throughout the company from top to bottom.

Holistic Security Approach

-- A Comprehensive Platform: Tracking end points across both mobile and cloud plus building security into all products and services.

-- Vast Intelligence: Monthly scanning of 400 billion emails for phishing/malware, processing 450 billion authentication requests across all services, executing more than 18 billion Bing webpage scans, and updating more than 1 billion windows devices.

-- Broad Partnerships: Teaming up with others to create a secure and robust ecosystem of products for users.

Trust-aligned Corporate Mission

-- To provide customers with trust in their products and services, Microsoft has made significant inroads relating to privacy and control, compliance, and transparency.

Leadership in Cybersecurity Best Practices Sharing

-- Partnering with governments and other organizations around the globe, Microsoft shares best practices to help everyone protect important infrastructure.

Deep Customer Interaction

-- Microsoft's Enterprise Cybersecurity Group (ECG) engages with customers to help educate them on the companies approach to cybersecurity and other services.

-- Partnerships within Microsoft between the ECG and other critical security teams have resulted in a new executive briefing for customers CISO's and members of their security team.

You can learn more about Microsoft and cybersecurity at the Microsoft Secure Blog and their main Microsoft Security portal .


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Microsoft Makes Their Pitch to be your Cybersecurity Partner

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