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20 Tools to Boost Security at Your Small Business While on a Budget


The prevalence of digital technology has made small business owners keenly aware of the security threats they face. However, it is just as important for them to be aware of the physical security threats that threaten their business.

Protecting your place of business, whether it is in your home or a retail space, has become much easier thanks to digital technology.

Retail Security Devices

Here are some retail security devices that will protect your brick and mortar establishment as well as a few solutions for your digital presence.


It wasn’t long ago that grainy CCTV images were the only thing available for security surveillance. Thanks to digital image processing and the Internet those days are long behind us. When it comes to digital surveillance you have many options, and finding the right one for you will greatly depend on the size of your business, how much equipment you want to install, the type of services you expect and of course your budget. Thankfully, the following list contains solutions for almost any budget.


Dropcam is considered one of the easiest entry-level solutions. Businesses looking to get their security systems up and running quickly will appreciate its do-it-yourself plug and play approach.

20 Tools to Boost Security at Your Small Business While on a Budget

In addition to its ease of setup, Dropcam includes remote access via WiFi, automatic storage of surveillance footage and impressive HD or non-HD options.

Pricing is another plus for Dropcam. The HD version of the hardware costs $149. Subscription services to archive security footage are charged per camera, costing you between $120 and $360 per year. It should be noted that Dropcam is not weather proof and should be used as a strictly indoor solution.


This attractive palm sized camera fromHomeboy can be mounted anywhere due to its wire-free and worry-free installation.

Don’t be put off by its name; this easy to use and deploy security system can easily become a strong surveillance system to protect your business.

20 Tools to Boost Security at Your Small Business While on a Budget

The camera mounts via strong magnets and its pivoting system allows it to point in any direction. The low maintenance Homeboy is powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts approximately three months with typical usage.

The accompanying App with customized alerts makes this security camera a favorite for those prioritizing mobility. Pricing comes in at $149 and includes a free service plan. The Premium Plan, which extends the 12-hour video timeline to 30-days, costs $4.99 per month and is further discounted at a yearly rate of $49.99.


Businesses seeking a more robust surveillance system will appreciate theLinksys system created specifically for the small business market.

20 Tools to Boost Security at Your Small Business While on a Budget

The high-tech camera is housed within a weather and vandal-proof exterior. Features include night vision along with live and remote monitoring with storage of up to 8 terabytes.

Pricing of the cameras start at $449.99 with upper tier models topping out at $799.99.


This ultra-sleek 1080p smart WiFi camera is Unifore’s D1000G.

Considered a do-it-yourself alarm system, the Unifore is perfect for small business owners that want the highest quality surveillance within an easy to install and use model.

The adjustable camera is packed with tech including motion, sound and even temperature detection. Notifications are sent to you via push notifications and snapshots are emailed to you at real-time intervals.


For businesses with existing WiFi cameras YooSee provides a free accompanying app that turns any camera into a smart surveillance system

The YooSee apps delivers HD Video directly to your smartphone by seamlessly connecting to your hardware and is as simple as setting up a WiFi.

Multiple recording models provide flexible solutions, scheduled alarms and customized detection modes. Data from any detections are sent to you in real time via push notifications.


Axis Security System specializes in intelligent networking for businesses. Their Axis companion system prioritizes mobile video delivery by integrating network attached storage recording to IP cameras.

The entire system can be configured in minutes for businesses that need two or more cameras. The micro SD card capabilities deliver a convenient method to record and store surveillance footage.

Pricing depends on configuration and smaller systems won’t require the companion switches needed for multi-piece units.

Smart-Lock Systems

The dead bolt locks that we are accustomed to for securing our entrances have been modernized by the Internet of Things (IoT).

Connected smart lock systems have the ability to open and close according to your schedule as well as wirelessly from your App or computer.

The findings on our list give you a variety of options and custom features to supplement the standard door locks at your place of business.


The magic command “Open Sesame” comes to life with this aptly named smart lock system.

Candy House, a startup developed by former Stanford University students, has successfully raised close to a million dollars via their Kickstarter campaign.

20 Tools to Boost Security at Your Small Business While on a Budget

The minimalist design of the Sesame smart lock carries over into ease of use. You are able to install this lock without any tools thanks to its “five patented design” system.

Sesame is on the lower price tier at $99 for its base model and is sure to attract residential as well commercial customers looking for their first smart lock.

Kwikset Kevo

A pioneer in the smart lock industry Kwiksets Kevo offers a handsfree unlocking system via Bluetooth and touch sensitive technologies.

20 Tools to Boost Security at Your Small Business While on a Budget
Kevo’s ability to send “ekeys” to employees and business partners is sure to come in handy for business owners. Gone are the days where forgetting or misplacing a key resulted in late-openings.

Priced from $99 to $159 Kwikset offers a great cost to value ratio for your smart lock needs.


LockState develops a range of products with smart technology including: commercial doors, cameras, safes and their version of smart locks.

The WiFi enabled RemoteLock allows you to delete and issue new codes on demand directly from your computer or phone: conveniences you will undoubtedly appreciate in the course of running your business.

20 Tools to Boost Security at Your Small Business While on a Budget

Their range of WiFi RemoteLocks start at $249 for the base model and go all the way up to $999 for cloud-intensive solutions.


TheLockitron Bolt comes with everything you need to implement its easy to install Bluetooth enabled solution even the screw driver.

20 Tools to Boost Security at Your Small Business While on a Budget

Low Energy technology powers the Lockitron allowing the four AA batteries to power the unit for up to six months.

Along with the free Bolt App the $99 Lockitron is a viable solution for businesses on a budget wanting smart lock t

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