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Top 5 best identity management and authentication services


Top 5 best identity management and authentication services

Businesses rely heavily on technology. Employees use computers, smartphones, tablets and other gadgets on a daily basis to streamline processes, stay productive and communicate with colleagues, while databases store important information about customers and products.

Because of this, effective security is paramount. It’s no longer good enough to put physical security first. Although CCTV cameras and sophisticated door locks will stop intruders from entering your office, a hack into your computer system could spell total disaster and bring your whole firm down.

Managing user identity is one of the most important steps in implementing a cybersecurity strategy . You need to be able to trust the people who have access to valuable business and customer data, all of which would be lucrative to hackers if they were able to gain access.

Identity management systems are a great way to stay ahead of the curve with respect to digital security. They’re not new but they certainly are highly effective. Using these systems, you can see who is accessing content in your system and get information on their motives. You can also set user rights and restrictions.

But which are the best identity management and authentication solutions out there? We’ve picked out five top-notch affairs that you can’t go wrong with.

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Top 5 best identity management and authentication services
1. DigitalPersona

Corporate digital security, but it doesn’t come cheap

Platforms:Web | Methods covered: Authentication, biometrics, tokens, PINs, SAML, phone | Cloud-based: Yes | Free trial: Yes

You can make ongoing changes

Loads of authentication options

Hugely expensive

If you run a large-scale enterprise with a ton of digital assets, then you ought to check out DigitalPersona. Used widely across the globe and adopted by companies like RBS, this system lets you set smart authentication procedures for users.

The software analyses risks posed to your company and aims to give you a tailored approach to cybersecurity. There are multiple authentication methods to choose from, such as biometrics, tokens, pins, SAML and phones. It’s easy to set these up, and you should have a more secure system in place within no time.

What’s also nifty is the fact that you can add more applications and changes over time, so you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect method straight away. As well as this, the software offers added protection for privileged and important users. This is sophisticated technology and is targeted at firms with significant security budgets.

You can sign up for DigitalPersona here
Top 5 best identity management and authentication services
2. AuthAnvil

All-round security

Platforms:Web | Methods covered: Identity and access management | Cloud-based: Yes | Free trial: Yes

Plethora of features

Suitable for a range of businesses

No word on pricing

AuthAnvil is available on the web, Mac, windows, iOS and Android applications, but whatever platform you’re looking at, the basic aim is the same to protect your precious data. The company recognises that password-related breaches are the biggest cause of data loss and has come up with a solution.

The system lets you protect company data by restricting content employees can access and ensuring that only trusted parties can use sensitive apps. For instance, you could use AuthAnvil to give managers direct control of internal company and customer data, as opposed to general employees.

As well as boasting integrated identity and access management solutions, the software also provides multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, password automation, identity-as-a-service and credentials management. These are all highly effective features.

You can sign up for AuthAnvil here
Top 5 best identity management and authentication services
3. OneLogin

A feature-packed identity management system

Platforms:Web and mobile | Methods covered: Identity and access management, single sign-on, compliance regulation | Cloud-based: Yes | Free trial: Yes

Powerful single sign-on

Suitable for a range of firms

May overwhelm some users

OneLogin is a cloud-based authentication system that makes it easier for firms to secure their digital assets and users. It can handle multiple applications at once and has single sign-on capabilities.

The system is perfect for all businesses, regardless of industry sector, and it can work with both internal and public applications. Features include access request management, account management, compliance regulation, password management, user monitoring and role management.

Once you purchase the software, the support doesn’t stop. You can access documentation, webinars and online chats to better understand and get the most out of OneLogin. There’s also 24/7 tech support through the company website, so you can always ask a question if you get stuck.

You can sign up for OneLogin here
Top 5 best identity management and authentication services
4. Dashlane

A renowned password management tool

Platforms:Web and mobile | Methods covered: Password management, fast logins, semantic processing | Cloud-based: No | Free trial: Yes

Powerful semantic capabilities

Support for all major platforms

Less features than some systems

Focused on passwords

Dodgy password management is often the culprit when it comes to data breaches, although Dashlane is looking to solve this. It’s a password vaulting service that will protect your company’s data and ensure your cybersecurity habits are always kept on the straight and narrow.

The system prides itself on simplicity. You aren’t expected to know every single thing about technology and security to be able to use it. It’s been built with AES 256-bit encryption, and semantic technology also plays a big role in the mechanics system. There’s a dedicated engine for this, which works towards fast login speeds and auto-fill forms across a variety of web applications. It’s a unified platform, meaning it can work across Windows, Mac, iOS and Android all the platforms you likely use.

Get hold of Dashlane here
Top 5 best identity management and authentication services
5. PortalGuard

Built with simplicity in mind

Platforms:Web and mobile | Methods covered: Password management, identity management and authentication | Cloud-based: Yes | Free trial: Yes

Easy-to-use portal

Free trial or live demo

Less features than competitors

PortalGuard combines important authentication procedures and password management capabilities within one convenient portal.

The software is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, cloud tools and web browsers, and it places a premium on ease-of-use. While it’s not the most powerful system out there by any means, many users will appreciate having things kept simple, and benefiting from their own custom-branded login portal.

What’s also neat is that when it comes to trying out the service before you commit to purchasing, you can avail yourself of a free interactive trial, or alternatively request a live demo from the company.

You can sign up for PortalGuard here

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