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Managing the Cloud in a 24/7 World


As moreEnterprises embracethe flexibility,agility and cost savings of moving to cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), skills in cloud operations and security become increasingly critical. Many of the organizations that Trend Micro works with have turned to our leading cloud andmanaged service partnerfamily to offload day-to-day management of the entire solution stack,avoiding the challenges of a skills and resource gap.

Many Enterprises today either operate or outsource their data centers operations and wish to duplicate the same operational rigor they have on premise in the cloud. As the number of workloads in the cloud growsexponentially and move beyond proof of concept to production, the importance of automation in bothinfrastructure and security increases. The cloud itself has providedunprecedented means of automating this growth and managing infrastructure, but still has to be operationally managed to ensure adherence to compliance, security, and corporate controls.

Announcing Trend Micro Participation in AWS Managed Services

Today, we are excited to see the launch of AWS Managed Services , an offering that directly addresses this need for the growing number of Enterprises adopting the cloud. We are thrilled for Trend Micro to be selected as the first security partner supported by AWS Managed Services . Customers will launch Deep Security from AWS Marketplace during onboarding (usage-based or BYOL), and it will be operated on their behalf as a feature of AWS Managed Services.

“Ensuring the security of our customers’ data is our top priority and this is equally true for AWS Managed Services” said Brent Jaye, VP of AWS Support. “Trend Micro is a valued APN Technology Partner and a recognized thought leader in endpoint protection. We are excited to offer their award-winning Deep Security platform as a managed security option for our customers.”

AWS Managed Serviceshelps accelerate Enterprises’ transition to the cloud while unburdening them from the day-to-day management of cloud operations enabling them to spend more time on the activities that matter to their business.

Customers in the AWS Cloud have seen the need to automate and move away from traditional approaches to IT management. Speed of delivery and security, define business agility. For IT to effectively optimize cloud performance for their business, they must take advantage of this speed, or risk it becoming a roadblock. AWS Managed Services alsocompliments the partner community, which has a vital role in providing services around the applications, design, consulting, and localizedconcierge-levelservices.

Why Trend Micro Deep Security

Trend Micro was selected as the first security provider for AWS Managed Services specifically because of our breadth of security services for Amazon EC2, ourcollaboration on areas like Amazon Workspaces, strong vision for the protection ofHybridIT, as well as our long standing integration into the AWS Cloud. AWS Managed Services takes our proven security services on AWS Marketplace and integrates them in an automatedfashionto meet ITIL practices. DeepSecurityprovides advanced security functions like Intrusion Prevention and Anti-malware to ensure you can detect, prevent and respond to threats in an automatedfashion.Best of all, it leverages our per-hour pricing that istailoredto the workloads being protected.

We invite you to discover more about AWS Managed Services on the AWS website.

If you have questions or comments, please post them below or follow me on Twitter: @justin_foster .

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