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Node v6.9.2、v4.7.0 和 v7.2.1 发布


Node v6.9.2、v4.7.0 和 v7.2.1 发布了。Node.js 是一套用来编写高性能网络服务器的 javascript 工具包。

v6.9.2 'Boron' (LTS) 值得关注的更新:

buffer: 强制切片参数(Sakthipriyan Vairamani (thefourtheye)) #9101


从 V8 上游 cherry-pick 3c39bac(Cristian Cavalli) #9138

从 V8 上游 cherry-pick 7166503 (Cristian Cavalli) #9173

npm: 升级 npm 至 3.10.9 (Kat Marchán) #9286

V8: 解构边缘情况的各种修复

gtest: 测试记录者现在输出点击评论为 yamlish (Johan Bergstrm) #9262

inspector: 检查器现在提示用户使用 而不是 localhost (Eugene Ostroukhov) #9451

tls: 修复在握手期间向 TLSWrap 实例写入数据时的内存泄漏 #9586


v4.7.0 'Argon' (LTS) 值得关注的更新:

The SEMVER-MINOR changes include:

build: export openssl symbols on windows making it possible to build addons linking against the bundled version of openssl (Alex Hultman) #7576

debugger: make listen address configurable in the debugger server (Ben Noordhuis) #3316

dgram: generalized send queue to handle close fixing a potential throw when dgram socket is closed in the listening event handler. (Matteo Collina) #7066

http: Introduce the 451 status code "Unavailable For Legal Reasons" (Max Barinov) #4377

tls: introduce secureContext for tls.connect which is useful for caching client certificates, key, and CA certificates. (Fedor Indutny) #4246

Notable SEMVER-PATCH changes include:


introduce the configure --shared option for embedders (sxa555) #6994

gtest: the test reporter now outputs tap comments as yamlish (Johan Bergstrm) #9262

src: node no longer aborts when c-ares initialization fails (Ben Noordhuis) #8710

tls: fix memory leak when writing data to TLSWrap instance during handshake (Fedor Indutny) #9586


v7.2.1 值得关注的更新 buffer:

Reverted the runtime deprecation of calling Buffer() without new . (Anna Henningsen) #9529

Fixed buffer.transcode() for single-byte character encodings to UCS2 . (Anna Henningsen) #9838

promise: --trace-warnings now produces useful stacktraces for Promise warnings. (Anna Henningsen) #9525

repl: Fixed a bug preventing correct parsing of generator functions. (Teddy Katz) #9852

V8: Fixed a significant instanceof performance regression. (Franziska Hinkelmann) #9730


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