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Fortinet Fabric-Ready Partner Spotlight: Q&A with Pamela Cyr, Senior Vice ...


Fortinet recently sat down with Fabric-Ready Partner Tufin to learn what’s top of mind for its customers, the key IT challenges they are facing, and how Tufin’s approach to integrated security is helping drive business and customer success.

Tell us a bit about Tufin’s business and the types of customers that you serve.

Tufin is the market-leading provider of network security policy orchestration solutions, which enable enterprises to streamline the management of security policies across private, public, and hybrid cloud environments, as well as physical networks. Today’s enterprise networks are highly complex, and the Tufin Orchestration Suite helps organizations remain agile in the face of ever-changing business demands, while maintaining a robust security posture. We help IT teams in three key ways:

Granting visibility and control across heterogeneous networks Reducing the attack surface while ensuring compliance with industry regulations Enabling security changes to be implemented in minutes instead of days through automation.

And we do this from behind a single pane of glass, giving enterprises a central security policy view and control across all platforms, along with policy optimization recommendations and advanced tools for network and security operations teams.

Tufin’s customers span all industries and geographies. We’re working with half of the top 50 companies in the Forbes Global 2000, including two of the three largest telecommunication providers, six of the top seven automotive manufacturers, and the three largest consumer financial services companies worldwide.

What is the top IT challenge or concern that your customers face today?

We conducted a survey earlier this year with ESG, which revealed that 63% of respondents say that network security operations is more difficult than it was two years ago. A major part of the problem is that the complexity of their networks is increasing and that’s coupled with greater demands from the business to accommodate change requests quickly, reliably, and securely. A lack of resources to address these challenges just exacerbates the issue.

Tufin recently joined Fortinet’s Fabric-Ready Partner Program. Can you share a bit about your history of working with Fortinet and why being an initial alliance partner of our program is important for your business and customers?

Tufin has a long history of being a Fortinet partner, and integrating with Fortinet Firewalls and FortiManager Network Security Management products. The Tufin Orchestration Suite provides accelerated implementation and risk analysis, and reduces complexity and misconfigurations, with automated provisioning for changes to FortiManager administrative domain policies. Our joint customers have benefited from our collaboration and market leading integration for years.

Becoming a validated Fortinet Security Fabric Partner, and the anchor partner for management, signals to our joint customers that we have developed an integrated offering to better manage network security, report on and automate changes made in the organization, and ensure continuous compliance across heterogeneous environments from a single console. We will continue to focus on aligning our solutions to maximize the value for our joint clients.

Are you seeing a shift in IT or cybersecurity buying criteria from your customers for solutions that are by nature more open and able to interoperate with their existing infrastructure?

Absolutely and this is a main reason why Tufin’s partnership with Fortinet will benefit our joint customers. Enterprise networks are already too complex, so IT decision-makers are increasingly looking for solutions that fit within their existing infrastructure. By making Tufin Orchestration Suite compatible for multi-vendor firewall environments, we can assure customers that we have them covered.

Automation is another factor we see influencing customers’ purchasing decisions, particularly across Fortinet platforms and hybrid cloud platforms. There is a growing need to automate daily policy changes in order to ensure application connectivity, while enforcing security and compliance.

In an industry where continued technology innovation is a business driver imperative, how do coopetition and open collaboration across multi-vendor ecosystems, like Fortinet’s Fabric-Ready Program, give you a leg up to deliver what your customers demand todayand into the future?

We are big proponents of information sharing and collaboration as a driver of security innovation, which is why we’re very enthusiastic about participating in the Fortinet Fabric-Ready Program. This partnership will support our future plans to extend our end-to-end security policy change automation across vendors and platforms to maximize agility and policy compliance across hybrid networks.

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