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AirWatch Connect: VMware boosts unified endpoint management, BYOD security with ...


AirWatch Connect: VMware boosts unified endpoint management, BYOD security with  ...

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On Tuesday, VMware detailed two new updates for existing products in unified endpoint management (UEM) and enterprise BYOD security at AirWatch Connect in Atlanta.

VMware AirWatch Unified Endpoint Management could allow for faster and more dependable security patches, OS updates, and software installations, as well as consolidated operations for all devices, including those on windows 10, according to a press release. VMware claims that this is the industry's first UEM solution that unites desktop and mobile management in one platform.

The UEM platform will also support Windows-based and Android-based IoT devices.

VMware first announced theUEM offering and Workspace ONE update in August. In September, the company releaseda report that found enterprises were increasingly demanding a hybrid infrastructure approach to their end-user computing strategy. Some 31% of companies surveyed said they were planning for a mix of cloud and on-premises deployment of desktop virtualization, and 34% said they were planning for a hybrid mix for applications as well.

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"In the nearly 10 years since the launch of the iPhone, enterprise mobility management has transformed from simple wipe and lock commands to a unified endpoint management platform for all devices, including Windows 10 and the Internet of Things," said Noah Wasmer, VMware's senior vice president of mobile products and end-user computing, in a press release. "No longer will IT run different systems for different devices; instead we built the single platform to manage all endpoints."

In a January Gartner report quoted in the press release, the industry analyst firm stated that "the future of endpoint management lies in consolidation of management tools that manage traditional PCs and mobile devices as a common management framework evolves across the two." Following this trend, the VMware AirWatch UEM unifies all of an enterprises' endpoints, including desktop, mobile, and IoT, into one system for easier management.

According to a press release, the UEM "extends the VMware AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management capabilities into advanced cloud-based Windows 10 PC lifecycle management," including "configuration management, operating system (OS) patch management, client health and security management."

Workspace ONE is also getting an update to make enterprise BYOD policies more secure and unified. Workspace ONE, first launched in summer 2016, is a platform that offers an enterprise app catalogue accessible on any device, to provide users with access to all apps. It "enables organizations to scale and tailor their management across unmanaged, BYO and corporate owned devices in a single platform," the press release stated.

The update detailed Tuesday offers real-time security across the apps, thanks to continuous access policies that can instantly shut down an app if a device is found to be unsecure. It also autofills usernames and passwords within apps, without storing them to the cloud.

Finally, Workspace ONE allows for self-service password resets, to save your company time and money. It also rebranded productivity apps with more privacy and ease of use.

The UEM is available to purchase on its own, or with Workspace ONE. Both updates will be available later in the quarter.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers At AirWatch Connect on Tuesday, VMware announced updates to its unified endpoint management (UEM) system and Workspace ONE BYOD security offerings. According to VMware, the UEM solution is the industry's first to unite desktop and mobile management into one platform, allowing for faster and more reliable security patches, updates, and software installations. The Workspace ONE update will provide real-time security for apps with continuous access policies and better password strategies.

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