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Use Best Practice Questions on the Way of Getting CompTIA Security+, Network+ an ...


CompTIA Certifications:CompTIA is known for its in-demand certifications over the globe. It offers training courses and prep materials for thousands of people, who wish to work in IT or upgrade their skills. Certifications that are popular among candidates include A+, Network+, Security+. If you just a newcomer in IT, try your skills in getting IT Fundamentals+. This article dwells its attention on getting Security+ credential and provides you with a piece of advice on how to prepare not only for SY0-501 but for any other CompTIA certification exam.

About Security+ Credential and Exam

Passing CompTIA SY0-501 certification exam requires understanding what the exam is all about and taking time to prepare for it. One very important thing about this exam is the fact that it leads to one of the most popular certifications within the sphere of IT. In case you are wondering about how to make an impression with your resume, Security + credential is one of the recommended considerations. This credential is a great option that employers consider when looking to fill vacant positions in their organizations. If you are therefore planning to get an IT security career, this certification will give you a significant highlight.

CompTIA SY0-501 covers a wide range of topics on security and information technology generally. It is designed for individuals who want to enhance their knowledge level about security and IT. This credential is aimed at different kinds of professionals in various walks of life including vendors, manufacturers, and end users who are interested in computing technologies and will like to take advantage of having a vendor neutral credential. It is essential to mention that CompTIA as an organization is globally recognized and there are numerous certifications that are offered by the organization. What is most valued by candidates is that they are vendor-neutral.

Use Best Practice Questions on the Way of Getting CompTIA Security+, Network+ an ...
SY0-501 Exam Overview

The certification you earn when you write the CompTIA SY0-501 exam is CompTIA Security+. The test consists of up to 90 questions and you have a total of 90 minutes to complete the exam. The exam is graded on the scale of 100 and 900, and to pass it, you have to score at least 750. There are a total of six domains that are covered within the scope of the certification objectives.

Domain one covers attacks, vulnerability and threats. This domain makes up 21% of the total exam questions. Domain two is on tools and technologies, and it covers 22% of the questions. Domain three covers design and architecture, focusing on 15% of the exam content. Domain four is on identity and access management. This covers 16% of the certification material. Doman five is on risk management; covering 14% of the total exam and Domain six is on cryptography and PKI, which focuses on 12% of the credential materials. It is important that you focus on these domains and ensure you are adequately prepared before writing the credential test.

How to Prepare for SY0-501 or Any Other CompTIA Certification Exam? Study the Exam Objectives

There is no way you can prepare without understanding what the objectives of the exam are. You can find these objects on the official certification page of CompTIA. By going through the objectives, you will learn about the topics to cover in order to pass the exam. The test objectives detailed the certification domain as well as the various topics under each of the domains.

Get a Good Resource Book

There are numerous resources that are available for your exam preparation but it is very important that you choose the best one you can lay your hands on. You might want to check CompTIA website to see the list of recommended resource books that you can use in preparation for your exam.

Network with other Professional

Do you remember the popular saying, ‘no man is an island of knowledge’? This is very true when preparing for the certification exam. You need to network with other professionals, especially those preparing for the same exam. The online platform is a great place to start connecting. There are many online forums that you can explore to seek other professional opinions and insight in preparation for your exam. It is crucial to be mindful of the kind of comments you take to heart when on a platform. Many test takers who failed the exam will definitely come online to share their woeful experiences but you have to be careful not to take all the negative comments to heart. Look for helpful comments that will help you in your preparation. You also need to be careful about ‘answers’ provided by other members of the forum. Some answers are actually not correct, so you need to double check any information you get from the online community.

Have Hands-on Experience

No matter how much you study for your exam, you still need to have hands-on experience. Get familiar with how to use some required skills in the certification contents for implementation purposes in real life scenario. This will fully equip you and prepare you for success in the exam.

Take Practice Test

Since CompTIA offers not only Security+ credential but IT Fundamentals+, A+, Network+ and many more you need to be prepared as efficiently as possible. You need to evaluate what you have learned in the course of your study and the best way to do this is by taking a practice test. This will help you to discover your weak areas and work on them.

For example, before taking Security+ credential, you need to get Network+ credential. If you have no skills and wish to start a career in IT, you should get A+ credential first.

Use Best Practice Questions on the Way of Getting CompTIA Security+, Network+ an ...
What is A+ Certification?

CompTIA A+ credential is a must for a person who intends to work in IT as a computer service technician. Thus it provides the candidate with the core skills necessary to implement the job on any device and skills to troubleshoot problems, provide networking and security, ability to repair PCs. To gain this credential, the candidate needs to pass two exams (220-901 and 220-902).

To find more information about A+ certification practice test , visit CompTIA website .

Use Best Practice Questions on the Way of Getting CompTIA Security+, Network+ an ...
Top web resource for CompTIA practice tests

Ensure you do your best in preparation for your certification exam. There are many platforms online that you can explore to take CompTIA practice tests. Find the one that is the most reliable and valid, for example, PrepAway. Use practice tests or your preparation available here, as they are carefully checked by IT experts, that means that they are valid. Read comments and communicate with other users if you have any doubts.

To get most updated training materials for your exam preparation, browse https://www.prepaway.com/ website.


The CompTIA certifications A+, Network+. Security+ are a great way to build your successful career in the IT field. However, you need to be committed to studying in order to pass the exam. After earning these credentials, you can go ahead to pursue others within the CompTIA Career Roadmap. You can also decide to take other credentials from other vendors, which is considered to be a significant benefit of getting CompTIA certification-freedom of choice and your career path as well. To be completely prepared and move towards your successful career in the IT field, use the most reliable websites, books, practice tests available on the internet. Only with a proper preparation you can get your dream job. Wish you luck!

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