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How 2019 will Change Cryptocurrency?


2018 oversaw some major changes in the crypto world. We hope 2019 will be no different; it's just that the changes will only lead to a positive outcome. Last year, there were many developments in the blockchain realm with people saying that Bitcoin Mining is no longer profitable.

Considering that, and after doing our research, following we are going to share some impending developments we will like to see this New Year:

New Crypto Currencies

The introduction of a new cryptocurrency is quickly noted into Branding Company Directory around the world. Tether bid its farewell to the world when it lost over 10% of its value within a week. But the positive development is it leads to more stable coins. These coins make crypto-lending promising as they cut-price volatility with minor fluctuations.

This change has made it was to get a crypto-backed loan. So yes, we believe cryptocurrency, and blockchain will get more stable throughout 2019.

Better Security

Blockchains helps to make transactions secure and prevent frauds. This is leading to the inception of new applications. But security does remain a primary concern, especially when it comes to the crypto economy. Security translates to stability in the financial marketplace. Companies are using decentralized biometric authentication to cut the chances of a data breach.

Mashable’s Stan Schroeder perfectly encapsulated the insecurities people had with Bitcoin in his article, How 2018 Changed Bitcoin ? Security has remained a leading concern in cryptocurrency, but there have been some major improvements in the past.

STOs instead of ICOs

This could be the biggest blockchain development of 2019. There is a rumor out there that ICOs are dead, but more than $11 billions are raised in investment. So, we have time, ICOs are nearing their even thanks to no regulations and low success rate. Business has stopped running pre-ICO sales in crypto financing.

The process just got shorter, and people are selling tokens for cheap. This may lead to the rise of Security Token Offerings. They make securities on Blockchain transparent and transferable. STOs will replace ICOs as they are safe and ensure the investors are protected.

STO will help make excellent investment plans; they offer fixed and flexible returns, it depends on the company’s revenue and getting non-proprietary rights. Anyone suggesting their company should invest in STO crypto will benefit from it.

The Rules will be Strict

Forbes did an excellent review of David Clarke’s Behind the Cloud Ep.6 where he discussed Blockchain and Self-Sovereign Identity. David discusses how cloud and blockchain security can be and will be improved shortly.

More rules are going to be introduced in the Crypto Space, and we are fine by it. It just makes the market stable and safe for us. The issue is, companies want to see whether Fundraising should be done with STOs or ICOs.

Some crypto platforms are not licensed and left unchecked. This makes it hard for companies who want to target more companies with better inquiries and enjoy better compliance from their existing players, especially the one that wants to start a business.

The market wants to become regulated by itself before any government body takes over them. There is an idea that industry-wide associate forums up with crypto-backed loan companies to help protect consumers with legal compliance.

Customers will be Empowered

Custody Solutions and Insurance are becoming a standard in the Crypto world. It’s imperative that you have clear regulations because they help to protect your blockchain assets. They help build trust and attract investors. It's important that you offer your investors a chance to trade in crypto without the risk of theft. This is why most crypto exchanges feature custody offerings. This helps custody solutions become mainstream and affordable.

Mainstream Adoption

Since the introduction of Bitcoins and Blockchain Tech, everyone is talking about their mainstream adoption. When will be the time when investors will able to bet against Bitcoin to settle their contracts in real money? When will someone trade-off Bitcoin when they don’t even own it?

Cryptocurrency did hit the mainstream road. We will soon see cryptocurrency backed loans. These loans will be fast and help everyone to make a profit in exchange for their coin. In short, cryptocurrency is becoming a well-recognized commodity.

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