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The one and only security app you need for your new iPhone, iPad or Mac


This post is presented by Dashlane .

Nothing feels quite as nice as booting up a brand new device for the first time. But opening up a new iPhone or Mac means reconnecting a lot of sensitive accounts and information. And nothing feels quite as annoying as spending all your time with your new device trying to remember and re-enter all your passwords for every website you visit or app you load.

So whatever you’re unboxing, installing a password manager like Dashlane is one of the first and best steps you can take to make sure you get off on a secure footing.

Secure and simplify your passwords

Dashlane provides a secure home base for all your logins, passwords, credit cards and other important and/or personal data. The key is that to access and use any of that data ― whether it’s a password, your Social Security number or your door codes ― you only need to remember one master password.

That single password closes many possible avenues of failure, from forgetfulness to data leaks. Dashlane can automatically generate passwords for each account that likely prove far stronger than what you could come up with on your own. And if there’s a breach at a service you use, Dashlane automatically sends you a security alert so you can instantly update your password. Most of these features are accessible within one or two taps.

Dashlane operates as a native app for iOS and Mac, as well as a website, so you can use it on all your devices. On iPhone, you can also unlock your information with Face ID and Touch ID.

Set up your new iPhone correctly

Setting up Dashlane on iPhone is easy. The first step is downloading the app, which is free for use on one device. After that, Dashlane walks you through the process of setting up an account and connecting all your passwords and other info.

After you set up your passwords, you can easily scroll through each account’s information. You can view them alphabetically, based on which ones you used most recently, and other factors.

Open your Amazon account, for example, and you’ll see your login information and a security rating for your current password. If you want more security, Dashlane will walk you through creating a much stronger password.Sharing options also mean you can assign others access to your account if your phone is lost or damaged.

In the secure notes section, you can put sensitive reminders and other information encrypted by Dashlane. And below that, the wallets section allows for storing payment information, personal data and ID details like driver licenses and passports that can be autofilled wherever you input that information on any website.

Additionally, Dashlane offers higher-level tools for updating and generating passwords, browsing straight through Dashlane, and linking to browsers and other apps.

Even at the most superficial level of use, Dashlane provides an easy and quick way to vastly increase the level of security and convenience on any device. That’s especially true of iPhone, which for many of us is our most-used device.

Make Dashlane the first app you download

So if you’ve got a new iPhone, iPad or Mac in your future, protect it by making Dashlane the first app you install. It’s the official password manager of Cult of Mac . We wouldn’t think of going online without it.

Price:Free (with premium options)

Download from: Dashlane

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