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PHP data security helps to use the functions

What is the advantage of using the function in php?

If write my callback-function this way ... $direction = 'asc'; $compare = function ($a, $b) use ($direction) { ... ... then the script shows the same behaviour as with this: $direction = 'asc'; $compare = function ($a, $b, $direction = 'asc') { ... I

If the php date is 24 hours after the stored mysql date

I'm trying to do a function that will check the php date against what is in the database. If the current date (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS) is 24 hours after the stored database date, then it will continue, otherwise it won't do anything.. If that makes sens

When to use the function "with" and why is it good?

What are the benefits of using with()? In the help file it mentions it evaluates the expression in an environment it creates from the data. What are the benefits of this? Is it faster to create an environment and evaluate it in there as opposed to ju

The form using the function calculates the BMI and displays different comments. Fatal Error and Not Displayed Correctly

I am creating a form that uses function to calc BMI. Two questions. the comment (underweight/normal weight/...) should output differently depending on the BMI calculated, however no matter what value BMI is, it always outputs UNDERWEIGHT. What do I n

How to decide when to use inheritance or simply use the functionality of the base class

I have some question about the concept of inheritance in OOP. When I just finished coding of the custom class to connect the database. e.g. `// for encapsulate some method under and use as the team's custom // version of DBconnect public class DBconn

How to use the functions present in a project, in another project without actually adding the header and the source files manually?

I'm using Visual Studio 6.0 for a VC++ project. There are about 38 projects included in the workspace. I need to use the functions present in one of the projects, say X project... in another project say Y. One way to do is to add all the .cpp files a

Store data and global variables using the Application object

In Xamarin, I am wanting to store data and global variables using the Application object. I looked at this resource for this code: http://www.helloandroid.com/tutorials/maintaining-global-application-state Here is my code: public class HelloApplicati

Transfer data to power bi using the java azure ad library

I am knew to java, azure ad and power bi and I want to test pushing data into power bi using the azure ad java library (ADAL) here : http://innerdot.com/azure/authenticating-to-azure-resource-manager-using-java I've created a netbeans project and use

Use the function on any number in a string

I'm trying to take this to this string **string** = 55 Banana Slush 25 Test into Fifty five Banana Slush twenty five test Now I have the function to convert any numbers to words which is replaceNumtoWord($number) However I need to take the string, fi

How to use the function in ng-show?

I need to use the custom function in ng-show as: ng-show="funct(1.1) > funct(2.2)" $scope.funct(value){ value.value.replace(".", ""); } You could just use the javascript parseFloat function in case the value is passed as a

Create a nice matrix using the function The sympy documentation has this example for creating a matrix using a rule: >>> def f(i,j): if i == j: return 1 else: return 0 >>> Matrix(4, 4, f) [1 0 0 0] [ ] [0 1 0 0] [ ] [0 0 1 0] [ ] [0 0 0 1] How would I go about using a rule wit

How can I use the functions of & ldquo; test.clj & rdquo; automatically when entering the REPL?

In haskell, i can use the functions defined in "test.hs" automatically when entering its interactive environment by cusomizing ~/.ghci . >cat ~/.ghci :def hoogle \str -> return $ ":! hoogle --count=15 \"" ++ str ++ "\&q

How to use the functions in a .a file (static library) in C?

I have a static library project in Eclipse that was compiled into a .a file. So now how would I use the functions and constants in that library? Would I just put in into my includes: #include "mylib.a" The static library would be included in the

How to use the function return value in while test in the bash script

Here is my code abstract. I use the result of the comparison between the return_val in func and "true" to decide the while termination condition. But the echoes don't work at all. #!/bin/bash func(){ a=$1 b=$2 echo $a echo $b if ((a > b)) the

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