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Google Cloud Platform + Hacker Noon


Google Cloud Platform + Hacker Noon
Heyo Hacker, very excited to announce thatHacker Noon has joined the Google Cloud for Startups program, which provides high growth companies cloud credits (up to $100K), technical support, and access to an engaging startup community.

“ Google Cloud Platform and Firebase gives Hacker Noon the flexibility to craft a custom publishing platform optimized for technologists,” said Hacker Noon Interim CTO Dane Lyons . “Our serverless infrastructure will generate static content and pipe it into the low latency, low-cost Google Cloud CDN . We’re excited to focus on important product details and worry less about devops and cost optimizations.”

As a startup working to free ourselves from platform dependency , it’s humbling to have Google support our own infrastructure. These resources make our future more secure, our monthly burn rate more manageable, and ultimately provide a stronger partner for serving high volumes of traffic in the long-term. We’re very excited about launching the next iteration of Hacker Noon with Google Cloud Platform and Firebase!

In honor of Google’s support, we’ve dug into the Hacker Noon library, and would like to share 50stories aboutGoogle*: Android

Deploy A Backend App As An Android Engineer (& Part 2 ) by Adam Hurwitz

Android App Architectures: Example of MVP with Kotlin by Rohit Surwase

Artificial Intelligence

Can Google’s AI Make Better AI Than the Googlers? by The Next Web

Google’s AI Based AutoDraw Turns Your Rough Scribbles Into Beautiful Icons For Free by Vinoth George

Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extension Development: Lessons Learned by Sam Jarman

Cloud VisionAPI

Optical Character Recognition With Google Cloud Vision API by Evelyn Chan

Compute Engine

Launch a GPU-backed Google Compute Engine instance and setup Tensorflow, Keras and Jupyter by Steve Domin

Details ofSearch

Google Search Analysis: Rich Search Results and Structured Data by Garrett Vorce

The Art of Searching something on the Internet. by Vikas Yadav

Easter Eggs

Building Google’s Art and Culture Portrait Matcher by Grant Holtes

Fighting FakeNews

70% of People Worry About Fake News ― And How Google Combats It by Chhavi Shrivastava


Getting Started with Firebase ML for iOS by Mohammad Azam

Firebase to the Rescue: Dynamic Routing via Hosting + Functions Integration by Peter LoBue

How to Build a Product Loved by Millions and Get Acquired by Google: The Firebase Story by Founder Collective

Infinite Scrolling In Firebase by Linas M

Introduction to Firebase by GeekyAnts


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