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Indegy Publishes Industrial Cyber Security Predictions for 2019

We Can Expect New Attack Sources, Techniques and Protection Responses
from Operators

NEW YORK (BUSINESS WIRE) lt;a href=”https://twitter.com/hashtag/ICS?src=hash” target=”_blank”gt;#ICSlt;/agt; Indegy , a leader in industrial

cyber security, today announced it has published its ICS security

predictions for 2019 on threats facing critical infrastructure, energy

providers and utilities, manufacturing and more, in a new blog post here .

Indegy Publishes Industrial Cyber Security Predictions for 2019

“In many ways, 2018 represented the coming of age for industrial cyber

security. The old adage that operational technology networks are

isolated from threats by an air gap was recognized for what it is, a

fallacy in an era of interconnectedness and IIoT technologies,” said

Mille Gandelsman, CTO of Indegy. “Over the next 12 months, we can expect

both adversaries and their methods to evolve. On the plus side, we can

expect both operators and the security industry to make new OT-specific

advances in protection techniques.”

Summary of 2019 Predictions

Some of the highlights covered

in Indegy’s 2019 industrial cyber security predictions blog include:

Lone wolf and non-nation state adversaries will emerge, as the barrier
for launching operational technology attacks will drop and open the
door to the general hacking community Expect multi-pronged attacks that target several locations
simultaneously or in close succession Operators will extend passive security monitoring with decades-old IT
security techniques of active querying for deeper visibility into
threats than simply listening to network traffic Threat intelligence sharing initiatives commonly used in IT security
will emerge for operational technologies and environments New ICS-specific security standards, best practices and playbooks will
be introduced

About Indegy

Indegy, a leader in industrial cyber security,

protects industrial control system (ICS) networks from cyber threats,

malicious insiders and human error. The


arms security and operations teams

with full visibility, security and control of ICS activity and threats

by combining hybrid, policy-based monitoring and network anomaly

detection with unique device integrity checks. Indegy solutions are

installed in manufacturing, pharmaceutical, energy, water and other

industrial organizations around the world.

For more information visit www.indegy.com

and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn .


Marc Gendron

Marc Gendron PR for Indegy


Indegy Publishes Industrial Cyber Security Predictions for 2019
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