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Decentralised Storage Systems―Offering Optimum Security and Efficiency


Decentralised Storage Systems―Offering Optimum Security and Efficiency
Representing decentralised cloudstorage

The advancement in the digital realm has certainly streamlined and improved the way people received services. Presently, common masses have access to vast information and services on the go. However, data security and efficiency have been a critical challenge that companies across the globe are continuously dealing with. While present cloud storage options offer vast space, there are challenges that keep enterprises from completely relying on centralised data storage systems.

Challenges of Existing Data Storage Systems

Below are the fundamental setbacks of conventional data storage options:-

Privacy and Security Issues

Internet privacy threats such as identity thefts, tracking, hacking, etc. have been significantly impacting individuals and enterprises alike. In fact, according to a recent survey, 96% of internet users think an online privacy threat is the biggest internet challenge that they fear. Centralised storage systems are always vulnerable to data breaches, making it an ineffective option.

Lack of Flexibility

Companies evidently have a huge amount of data to store. While centralised databases offer adequate space to store their data, there are challenges that cannot be overlooked. A centralised database offers low adaptability and only focuses on certain specific tasks. This leaves no scope for collaboration and results in a rigid storage process.

Lack of Speed

In the high-speed world that we live in, nobody has the time or patience to wait on technology. Therefore, the speed of a service is extremely important. However, cloud storage fails to provide the high network bandwidth that is required for fast data transfer, making data accessibility a rigid process

Friend; Rendering Digital Freedom

Friend is an open source community developed within blockchain technology that envisions to provide effective solutions to the aforementioned problems. By eliminating these pitfalls, the platform aims to offer digital independence to internet users. With icons, menus, and apps, Friend looks similar to an operating system. However, it is a platform that empowers operating systems to offer a robust network that is backed by blockchain-powered applications. It is basically an autonomous cloud computer that is entirely controlled and managed by users. It is an ecosystem which is free from oppression and censorship and personal information of every individual is secure

Essential Features of Friend Platform

Below are the essential features of the Friend Ecosystem:-

Full Control

The platform provides a decentralised cloud storage that allows users to have full control over their data. Users can decide where their data is stored and who has access to it, therefore, ensuring there is optimum transparency and security in the system.

Efficient Data Sharing

The network allows organisations to easily deploy applications, services, and data on its decentralised infrastructure. Users can either join the global Friend Network or set up a private network for their organisation to efficiently share applications, data, services, etc.

Easy Collaboration

The inbuilt collaboration functionality by Friend Chat allows users to conduct live discussions while viewing the dataset. Moreover, shared presentation sessions enable everyone to view the same content on their respective screens, thereby offering flexible collaboration option.

Security and Privacy

The Friend network focuses on protecting the important data of its users. By encrypting the user’s device, the platform protects private data before it is even stored on the server. Moreover, users can also obtain anonymous access, thereby preventing their identity from being disclosed. It liberates users from Big Techs and provides a secure ecosystem where users can store their data and obtain freedom to develop and collaborate using any device and software.

Transformation Towards Decentralised Computing Solutions

With the aforementioned challenges of centralised storage options, companies are increasingly looking for decentralised solutions to security and efficiency. Blockchain-based cloud storage solutions allow users to secure their data and participate in digital activities with utmost effectiveness. Friend is one such unique cloud computing platform that allows users to garner maximum efficiency from its decentralised servers.

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