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Agari Recognized as 2019 SC Magazine Awards “Best Email Security Solution” Fin ...

Next-Generation Secure Email Cloud Selected for Ability to Detect,
Defend against and Deter Advanced Email Attacks


the next-generation Secure Email Cloud that restores trust to the inbox,

today announced that SC Magazine has named Agari as “Best Email Security

Solution” Finalist for the 2019 SC Magazine Awards. In April 2018,


won the 2018 SC Magazine Award

for “Best Email Security Solution.”
Agari Recognized as 2019 SC Magazine Awards “Best Email Security Solution” Fin ...

“Nobody understands the cybersecurity battle better than the

cybersecurity professionals who work day in and day out to clean up and

protect businesses from malicious attacks,” added Armstrong of SC Media.

“Agari is one of a select few to receive this tremendous recognition of

a Trust Award finalist, and they should be proud of the work this


“Agari is proud to be recognized by SC Magazine in two consecutive years

for its ability to provide the best email security solution on the

market,” said Armen Najarian, CMO, Agari. “The Agari Secure Email Cloud

defines the next-generation of email authentication controls, and our

strategy has been validated by our customers, our partners, and―once

again―by the SC Magazine Awards.”

The 2019 SC Magazine Awards “Best Email Security Solution” nominations

were evaluated on their ability to exchange email with assurance, limit

the repercussions of email forgery and to filter unauthorized content,

such as phishing.



is a next-generation solution that uses

predictive AI to detect, defend against and deter advanced email attacks

including Business Email Compromise (BEC), spearphishing, and

account-takeover based attacks. Agari eliminates unauthenticated email,

implements protection against advanced email threats, and automates

incident response to protect business from breaches, fraud, and theft.

The Agari Secure Email Cloud also includes some capabilities found in

legacy SEGs, including URL analysis and attachment analysis.

Now in its 22nd year, SC Awards is recognized as the industry gold

standard of accomplishment for cybersecurity professionals, products and

services. With the awards, SC Media recognizes the achievements of

cybersecurity professionals in the field, the innovations happening in

the vendor and service provider communities, and the vigilant work of

government, commercial and nonprofit entities. Vendors and service

providers who offer a product and/or service for the commercial,

government, educational, nonprofit or other industries are eligible for

the SC Awards’ Trust Award category.

“Every new year brings with it an unpredictable mix of adversity and

opportunity for information security professionals,” said Illena

Armstrong, VP, editorial, SC Media. “In 2018, we watched as ransomware

took down entire city governments, popular online platforms were accused

of mishandling user data, and technology giants announced an

unprecedented industry-wide effort to solve the Spectre and Meltdown CPU

vulnerabilities. Through it all, this year’s SC Awards finalists found

ways to break boundaries, overcome challenges and contribute fresh new

ideas to the world of cybersecurity.”

About Agari

Agari is transforming the legacy Secure Email Gateway with its

next-generation Secure Email Cloud powered by predictive AI. Leveraging

data science and real-time intelligence from trillions of emails, the

Agari Identity Graph detects, defends, and deters costly advanced email

attacks including business email compromise, spear phishing and account

takeover. Winner of the 2018 Best Email Security Solution by SC

Magazine, Agari restores trust to the inbox for government agencies,

businesses, and consumers worldwide. Learn more at www.agari.com .

About SC Media

SC Media is cybersecurity. For 30 years, they have armed information

security professionals with in-depth and unbiased information through

timely news, comprehensive analysis, cutting-edge features,

contributions from thought leaders, and independent product reviews in

partnership with and for top-level information security executives and

their technical teams. In addition to their comprehensive website, SC

Media offers magazines, eBooks, and newsletters. They also host digital

and live events such as SC Awards and RiskSec NY to provide

cybersecurity professionals all the information needed to safeguard

their organizations and contribute to their longevity and success.

Friend us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SCMag


us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/scmagazine


Clinton Karr




Agari Recognized as 2019 SC Magazine Awards “Best Email Security Solution” Fin ...
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