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Secure Code Warrior Launches Series of 30 Educational Blogs Coders Conquer Se ...

Free Security Education and Hands-On Training for Junior
Developers on Top Thirty Security Vulnerabilities BOSTON & SYDNEY (BUSINESS WIRE) #AppDevSec Secure application development platform provider


(SCW) today launched


, a weekly blog series, authored by

Product Evangelist and Security Engineer Jaap Karan Singh, that includes

videos and hands-on challenges covering the top thirty security

vulnerabilities found in software applications today.

Secure Code Warrior Launches Series of 30 Educational Blogs   Coders Conquer Se ...

Each week, beginning today December 6, a new post will take an in-depth

exploration of one security vulnerability, rounding out the top thirty

risks developers need to be able to defend against. The series will

cover the OWASP Top 10 and far beyond, creating a free library of guides

and training aimed at helping junior developers write better, more

secure code. The first posts will focus on cross-site scripting and SQL

injection, with subsequent releases delving into vulnerabilities such as

typecasting, unrestricted file uploads and LDAP injection.

Co-founder and CEO of Secure Code Warrior,


, supports organizations in building a formidable security

culture within their development teams, utilizing the SCW platform to

deliver them the right knowledge, tools and positive engagement to make

a significant impact towards security best practice. A push towards this

holistic solution has proved measurably beneficial, with one of Secure

Code Warrior’s customers reporting a 60% increase in secure development

capability across a group of hundreds of developers. They required their

developers to play a single, five-minute challenge every day for two

months, testing their skills before and after the training period and

observed this significant improvement.

Danhieux said that providing junior developers with helpful, free guides

and training on finding and fixing security vulnerabilities is aimed at

lifting engagement and interest in secure coding, especially for

developers who lack experience with significant security theory:

“With so many developers leaving formal education institutions without

good security knowledge, and most companies not providing adequate

security training, we knew this was a gap we could help address. It is

our aim to provide these free blogs, videos, and challenges to all

developers to showcase the top vulnerabilities, and most importantly,

how to fix them. It is this sense of achievement and upskilling that

could spark a whole new interest in secure coding for developers while

improving their personal standard of code.”

A new Coders Conquer Security guide will appear weekly on the Secure

Code Warrior blog from December 6, and will feature the following:

An in-depth explanation of a security vulnerability How it works and why it is dangerous How to prevent these vulnerabilities in code as it is being written An instructional summary video A link to a Secure Code Warrior gamified learning challenge

From there, it is hoped that junior developers will work on their

security mindset and champion secure code within their teams.

“I would love to see more developers championing security, fostering a

higher standard within their team. Often, this can be key to successful

risk mitigation and getting developer and security teams working

together more efficiently. Secure Code Warrior can certainly continue to

assist this upskilling with our highly engaging, gamified online

training.” Danhieux said.

The Coders Conquer Security: Share and Learn Series will begin from

December 6 and can be found at https://insights.securecodewarrior.com .

About Secure Code Warrior

Secure Code Warrior is a global

security company that makes software development better and more secure.

Our vision is to empower developers to be the first line of defense in

their organization by making security highly visible and providing them

with the skills and tools to write secure code from the beginning.

We have built a powerful platform that moves the focus from reaction to

prevention, training and equipping developers to think and act with a

security mindset as they build and verify their skills, gain real-time

advice and monitor skill development. Our customers include financial

institutions, telecommunications providers and global technology

companies in Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific.


Kari Walker for Secure Code Warrior, 703-928-9996

Secure Code Warrior Launches Series of 30 Educational Blogs   Coders Conquer Se ...
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