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SentinelOne Replaces Any Need For Legacy AV Suites With New Features

SentinelOne , the autonomous
endpoint protection company, today announced two new features for the
SentinelOne platform that extend its scope beyond traditional endpoint
protection (EPP) and endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities.
SentinelOne unveiled Endpoint Firewall Control, a robust feature that
enables security and IT teams to control the endpoint's firewall and
immunize an organization's network from data exfiltration and malicious
IP addresses. SentinelOne is the first and only next-generation vendor
to offer this capability, enhancing the control of how an endpoint
interacts with the network or cloud, to provide access and data control,
beyond the reach of the classic network firewalls. This ability is
especially important in a "post-perimeter" world, and in zero-trust
models, as a means to enforce and control the device's trust posture.
Additionally, the company announced Device Control, a feature that
enables enterprises to maintain full control and complete visibility
over peripheral devices. SentinelOne's
Endpoint Firewall Control and Device Control features provide what some
considered the missing pieces to fully replace legacy antivirus (AV)
solutions with its next-gen product, providing unparalleled protection
and visibility capabilities. These two features, as well as the entire
platform, are delivered via SentinelOne's single agent, single codebase,
single console architecture, available seamlessly in cloud-delivered or
on-premises deployment models. With the addition of these abilities,
SentinelOne becomes the only vendor to provide complete visibility into
every aspect of the endpoint's data transport, controlling all "ins and
outs" of a given device. Endpoint
Firewall Control allows an organization to create and enforce endpoint
firewall policies, integrating into an organization's layered security
model. The feature enables the SentinelOne agent to block unauthorized
network traffic flowing into or out of devices, across both windows and
macOS. Endpoint Firewall Control has been a final holdout for retaining
legacy AV suites: SentinelOne is proud to rapidly deliver critical
features that enable enterprises of all sizes to remove the shackles of
legacy AV. With
SentinelOne's Device Control, IT and security teams gain complete
visibility into how USBs and other peripheral devices are being used and
can easily control and manage that usage. The feature provides
customers with visibility into every connected device's information and
history, robust control over storage devices, and a greater frame of
reference around the host activity to see what's happening in an
organization's environment. "At
SentinelOne, we strive to deliver full, 360-degree protection of the
endpoint, by providing the tools and automation capabilities needed to
harden, prevent, find, and mitigate threats in an ever-evolving threat
landscape," said Tomer Weingarten, CEO and Cofounder, SentinelOne. "The
nail is in the coffin for legacy AV: our Firewall Control and Device
Control features allow organizations to make a full transition from
legacy AV by providing device management efficiency with the
unparalleled endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities
customers expect, enjoying full context monitoring and control of every
aspect of the endpoint device."

With SentinelOne's acclaimed multi-tenant console, enterprises and service providers can customize endpoint firewall control and device control settings to best fit their organizations' security needs without compromising end user productivity. To learn more about how SentinelOne's Firewall Control and Device Control features are replacing legacy AV solutions, please visit https://www.sentinelone.com/category/spotlight/ .

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