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Respond Software Partners with ForeScout to Strengthen ICS Cybersecurity Program ...


NASHUA, N.H. (BUSINESS WIRE) Respond Software teams up with ForeScout Technologies, Inc., a leading

IoT security company, to roll out a new technical integration called

Virtual ICS Threat Analyst Logic (VITAL). The partnership was initiated

by SecurityMatters, now part of ForeScout, to help automate threat

analyst decision-making processes for industrial control system (ICS)

asset owners.

The complexity of industrial environments has led to an increasing

number of ICS-specific cyber-threats, in which asset owners have no

visibility. Finding and scaling a team of skilled ICS security operation

center analysts, threat hunters, incident responders, and forensic

analysts is a challenge for all asset owners. The lack of available

skilled security personnel, combined with the fact that today’s security

teams are incredibly busy, makes it challenging to focus on priority

issues. The integration between ForeScout’s SilentDefense and The

Respond Analyst streamlines ICS security operations for critical

infrastructure asset owners by escalating and prioritizing critical

incidents, while eliminating false positive alerts.

“Ensuring the availability of critical infrastructure means being able

to defend these systems against malicious intent. It’s not feasible to

hire enough security experts that understand the nuances of ICS systems

and cyber threats,” says Curley Henry, deputy CISO, Southern Company.

“We need solutions that bridge the gap and give us the capability to

continuously monitor and analyze key networks and quickly make

appropriate decisions.”

ForeScout analyzes industrial network communications, provides rich

information about network assets and generates alerts in real time in

response to cyber threats. Respond Analyst is the first-of-its-kind

security decision automation software. Joint customers who implement

VITAL can feed detailed ICS analytics data from SilentDefense to Respond

Analyst. The Respond Analysts’ Intelligent Decision Engine comes

pre-built and ready to analyze and triage ICS alerts and escalate

detailed security incidents that require immediate response by a

security team.

“The success that leading ICS asset owners in the U.S. are already

having with VITAL is very exciting,” said Damiano Bolzini, vice

president of industrial and OT business unit, ForeScout. “Since today’s

security teams are working harder than ever, this integration between

ForeScout’s SilentDefense and Respond Analyst is strengthening our joint

customers’ ICS security teams by allowing them to focus on the serious

security issues.”

“It’s becoming increasingly important to protect our nation’s ICS

infrastructure with consistent and continuous monitoring,” said Chris

Triolo, vice president of customer success, Respond Software. “The

Respond Analyst decision engine has the combined experience of Respond

Software and ForeScout built in. Customers can add the critical capacity

and capability necessary to protect ICS assets without adding

additional staff.”

About ForeScout:

ForeScout Technologies, Inc. helps make the

invisible visible. Our company focuses on providing Global 2000

enterprises and government agencies with agentless visibility and

control of traditional andIoTdevices the instant they connect to the

network. Our technology integrates with disparate security tools to help

organizations accelerate incident response, break down silos, automate

workflows and optimize existing investments. Learn more at www.forescout.com

About Respond Software:

Respond Software delivers instant

ROI to organizations in their battle against cyber-crime. With its

patent-pending intelligent decision engine, PGO, Respond Software’s

product uniquely combines the best of human expert judgement with the

scale, thoroughness, and consistency of software. This

quick-to-implement, cyber-security decision automation software delivers

the equivalent of a virtual, best-of-breed analyst team that

dramatically increases capacity and improves monitoring and triage

capabilities at a fraction of the cost.


was founded in 2016 by security and software industry



Jane Callahan

Account Director, Press Friendly


Erin Anderson


Marketing Communications- US

Respond Software Partners with ForeScout to Strengthen ICS Cybersecurity Program ...
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