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6 Best Email Security Services for Your Business

Why choosing the best email security services is important?

Are you looking for the best email security services? Not sure which email protection software is right for you?

Here are the best email security services, which I found out work best for businesses.

Having advanced DMARC protection can help You increase Your business authority and trust, as well as will prevent Your company from phishing and email impersonation.

I am going to tell You about some of the best email protection services which can step up Your business to a new email protection era. Before the introduction of email authentication services, I am going to tell You about email phishing .

According to the researches, 86% of businesses are using email as a primary mean of communication.

What is email phishing?

As per by researchers from 2017 and 2018 email phishing is the hackers most famous mean of stealing money and sensitive data from businesses in an effective and fast way.

In today’s fast-paced digital world business email protection is important for any user and organization in order to prevent business not only from email phishing, data breaches but also from money lose.

Email phishing is an illegitimate attempt to steal peoples sensitive information. For example, username, password, email addresses, and other important data for violating purposes.

To put it another way, Imagine, that some of Your sent emails can be Yours, and some of them can be also real looking, but not from the real source. In particular, email impersonation is one of the huge problems for businesses growth.

Stop worrying about money lose, start protecting You business with the best email protection services.

1. Agari

The company was founded by thought leaders of Cisco’s IronPort solutions. Agaris has its unique mission, which is to build new internet scale data-driven security solutions that eliminates email cyber attacks and let businesses and consumers to communicate in a secure way. Agari is one of the markets leads having more than 1000 customers in their database. Significantly, their customers are huge corporates, banks, and world-leading social media networks

Agari has 2 main products:

Agari enterprise protects, is referred to as targeted attacks detection and identification. This prevents the phishing against Your brand. It finds email threads, provides actionable thread intelligence, visualizing and monitoring Your trusted email identity. Agari Customer protects: Agari Customer Protect Stops Phishing by Automating DMARC Email Enforcement.

Reviews on AGARI

‘’With the adoption of Agari, we are enhancing our employees overall trust level in their email, taking the safety and security of our members, clients, and employees to the next level’’. CSO, Leading Healthcare Provider

2. EasyDMARC

Email protection SaaS solution helps you consistently monitor Your send emails and protect your domain from being used on Your behalf, as well as it combats fraud and increases domain reputation.

Moreover, with EasyDmarc You can authenticate You email and achieve advanced email protection. You will get DMARC alerts andDMARC reports.EasyDmarcsupport team and technical experts help you implement DMARC reject policy in a short period of time. Above all, it keeps Your email infrastructure healthy.

In fact, in 2018 45% of businesses said that email phishing damaged their company reputation and authority.

EasyDMARCgives You advanced email protection solutions for Your business.

Email Phishing protection Use complex and advanced email protection mechanism to achieve email top security. Advanced DMARC reporting- Investigate all aspects of send email traffic. DKIM lookup Validate and sign Your emails SPF lookup Authenticate whichIP addresses one can send emails from DMARC lookup Advanced email security. Spam vulnerability email checking opportunity.

The email protection software has easy to use platform which is convenient even for non-technical people.

3. Dmarcian

Dmarcian is one of the international DMARC platform providers which helps businesses successfully deploy DMARC. Their customers are banks, top internal properties, governments, marketing agencies, telecoms and other companies of all sizes.

Here are DMARCIAN`s tools which will help you protect Your email effectively. Together with Dmarcian, You can secure Your company from fraud successfully.

Dmarcian`s tools benefits Discover any issues of Your DMARC record Diagnose Your DKIM and SPF records Successfully add Your DMARC record Scan and test Your email security Data providers- it shows all top DMARC XML data providers 4. Ondmarc

OnDMARC is an email security product. It helps individuals and organization of all sizes to protect their emails, block phishing attacks and increase the deliverability of their authorized emails.

It has special solutions for each sector. For example, for the government, law, as well as for marketing agencies.


Reporting-You will getreports of fake and real emails sent from your domain.

Forensics DMARC report for failed emails

Email survey-Which monitors the Status of the item in DNS, as well as the Status of an item from reports, and the Status of the item in Dynamic SPF.

Dynamic SPF Unlimited DNS lookup

API-You can Integrate reports and manage your domains directly from your applications via an intuitive RESTful API.

Because of email phishing, lots of companies are losing their trust, money, and customers. 5. DMARC Analyzer

DMARC Analyzer is a SaaS solution which helps organizations to protect their emails. It provides businesses with user-friendly DMARC analyzing software which will easily move you towards a reject policy. This is one of the best email protection services which empowers organizations to easily manage complex DMARC deployment. The solution provides 360° visibility and governance across all email channels.


Analyzer generate Your DNS record.

Record check check whether You domain is protected or not.

SPF record check send email authentication

DKIM record check email signature

6. Postmark

Postmarkis a free tool to monitor and implement DMARC.

It will help You get reports from major ISPs about your domain’s DMARC alignment. Most importantly, it turns them into beautiful, human-readable weekly email digests, absolutely free.

Postmark services

DMARC implementation allows You to generate a DMARC record and start monitoring.

DMARC Reportshelps You get the visibility of Your email infrastructure.

Don’twait for the phishing attack to happen. Even if it didn`t happen, it means You are the next.

Wrapping it up DMARC is an email authentication policy and reporting protocol. DMARC, in fact, is the best solution to stop phishing attacks and email fraud in the most productive way. Putting it in a nutshell, DMARC stands as an email security officer which checks the senders and a receivers IP addresses origins. In other words, it checks whether they match each other or not. So, If it doesn`t matches with the senders or receivers keys, likewise Your message doesn`t deliver

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