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Instart Logic Is Now Instart

Rebranding Reflects Corporate Vision for Making Digital Properties
Faster, More Appealing and Profitable PALO ALTO, Calif. (BUSINESS WIRE)


, the company helping thousands of leading brands around the

world deliver a faster, safer and more profitable digital experience,

today announced that it has officially changed its name to Instart. More

identifiable and easier to remember, the company’s new name “Instart” is

short for Instant Start, and the rebranding initiative is reflective of

the company’s ongoing commitment to making digital properties as fast,

visually appealing and profitable as possible. Instart’s new URL will be https://www.instart.com .

Instart Logic Is Now Instart

Thousands of global brands, retailers and media and publishing firms

from around the world including Edmunds, Hearst, Neiman Marcus and

Office Depot use the Instart Digital Experience Cloud (DX Cloud) to

increase performance, reliability, security and customer satisfaction

without requiring any changes to their digital applications or

infrastructure. Instart provides secure, high-performance and consistent

digital experiences to end users while at the same time helping global

brands improve conversion by up to 30 percent, online retailers drive

increased sales of up to 10 percent and offering media and publishing

firms the ability to boost their advertising revenues by as much as 20


“Our new name is all about the company’s charter, focus and

forward-looking vision,” commented Instart Chief Marketing Officer

Daniel Druker. “Our passion is helping our clients deliver amazing

digital experience to their customers, which result in improved

operations, higher revenue and greater profit for them. The Instart DX

Cloud is the fastest, easiest and highest ROI way for digital centric

companies to improve the performance, reliability and security of their

digital applications. Our new name makes sense because we truly deliver

the ‘Instant Start’ on the Internet that consumers crave and that

digital businesses need to maintain their competitive edge.”

About the Instart DX Cloud

Instart’s global, cloud-based platform connects customers’ cloud, web

and mobile applications with consumers’ devices and automatically and

dramatically improves performance, consumer experience and security,

leading to higher engagement, conversion, revenue and lifetime value.

About Instart

Instart helps thousands of leading brands around the world deliver a

faster, safer and more profitable customer experience through its

revolutionary digital experience cloud. Instart combines machine

learning, application and device awareness, and open APIs with a broad

suite of integrated and automated cloud services, including web and

mobile application performance optimization, image optimization, digital

advertising optimization, tag analytics and control, web application

security, DDOS protection, bot management and security, and content

delivery. Using Instart, enterprises can provide ultra-fast, visually

immersive, amazingly engaging and highly secure experiences on any

device to maximize revenue, deliver superior customer experience, and

gain competitive advantage. Learn more at https://www.instart.com .



Ruben Ramirez, 917-699-9083

Instart Logic Is Now Instart
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