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Check Point Software Integrates with New Amazon Web Services Security Hub, Bring ...

Check Point
Software Technologies Ltd. today
announced a technology integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Hub,
a unified security service, which centralizes view and management for security
alerts. This integration, together with the addition of Dome9 to the CloudGuard
portfolio, following its recent acquisition by Check Point, allows enterprises
to access multi-layered
security and nearly continuous compliance capabilities from the central
console of AWS Security Hub. By
leveraging AWS Security Hub, Check Point can provide a nearly seamless
experience to customers in providing additional protection to their AWS
environments against advanced cyber-threats in real time and mitigating
compliance risks at any scale. AWS Security Hub provides users with a
comprehensive view of their high-priority security alerts and compliance status
by aggregating, organizing, and prioritizing alerts, or findings, from multiple
AWS services, such as Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon Inspector, and Amazon Macie as
well as from AWS Partner Network (APN) security solutions. The findings are
then visually summarized on integrated dashboards with actionable graphs and
tables. The
Check Point CloudGuard solution natively integrates with AWS Security Hub to
provide customers with better visibility into gaps in their security and
compliance posture, and context-rich security intelligence for enhanced threat
prevention. CloudGuard IaaS adds contextual information such as asset tags,
security groups and availability zones to dynamically update security policies
and provide AWS Security Hub with visibility into threat alerts based on deep
event correlation and rule-based cloud intrusion detection. To complete the
picture, customers leveraging the CloudGuard Dome9 solution can analyze and
respond to events triggered by its sophisticated nearly continuous compliance
and governance framework. Enterprises
using it benefit from powerful features that prevent 5 th generation
cyber-attacks in their hybrid environments. These features include: Threat prevention of both North-South and
East-West cyber-attacks based on contextual awareness and attribution of
network traffic to cloud-native ephemeral services Real-time alerts on network vulnerabilities, with
nearly continuous network monitoring and alerting based on easily
customizable policies Comprehensive visibility into cloud assets and
security configurations Nearly continuous compliance monitoring and
enforcement of security posture Fully integrated security capabilities, including
firewall, IPS, application control, IPsec VPN, antivirus, anti-bot and more Unified
management of security policies across hybrid environments (datacenter,
private and public clouds) "AWS is
a leader among cloud services providers, delivering powerful security
capabilities that help enterprises deploy and manage cloud environments with
enhanced security features at scale," says Itai Greenberg, Vice President of
Product Management at Check Point Security. "Check Point has been at the
forefront of cloud security automation solutions that have built deep
integrations with a broad range of AWS security services. We are privileged to
offer integration with AWS Security Hub to deliver comprehensive visibility
into ongoing security and compliance risks, and end-to-end workflows to
mitigate risks."

"We are happy to have Check Point as a launch APN Partner integrating the CloudGuard IaaS solution with AWS Security Hub," said Dan Plastina, Vice President, Security Services, Amazon Web Services, Inc. "Check Point offers advanced threat prevention capabilities to AWS customers. The integration with support for AWS Security Hub makes it even easier for our shared customers to access and act on their cloud security insights."

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