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Alert Logic Leverages the New Amazon Web Services Security Hub to Manage Securit ...

Alert Logic integrates with AWS Security Hub for its launch at AWS


, the SIEMless Threat Management company, announced today at

AWS re:Invent 2018 in Las Vegas, that it is supporting the

just-announced AWS Security Hub. Alert Logic’s integration is designed

to allow AWS Security Hub customers to incorporate verified security

incidents from Alert Logic’s 24×7


(SOC) team. These incidents will include expert analysis and remediation guidance for both


and compliance

Alert Logic Leverages the New Amazon Web Services Security Hub to Manage Securit ...

AWS Security Hub is designed to provide users with a comprehensive view

of their high-priority security alerts and compliance status by

aggregating, organizing, and prioritizing alerts, or findings, from

multiple AWS services, such as Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon Inspector, and

Amazon Macie as well as security solutions from the AWS Partner Network

(APN). The findings are then visually summarized on integrated

dashboards with actionable graphs and tables.

“AWS is designed to allow customers to scale and innovate,” said Dan

Plastina, Vice President, Security Services, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

“We have worked with Alert Logic to leverage their technology,


, and expertise and provide an added layer of security

to the already secure AWS cloud.”

“AWS Security Hub is designed to help AWS customers quickly aggregate,

categorize and prioritize the findings of AWS-native security tools that

run natively on AWS,” said Chris Noell, Senior Vice President,

Engineering at Alert Logic. “We are excited to work with AWS to support

AWS Security Hub. AWS Security Hub enhances our existing capabilities to

assist customers with their considerations regarding


application security



vulnerability scanning




and reporting on AWS.”

As a Launch APN Partner for AWS Security Hub, Alert Logic’s capabilities

can be searched for by AWS customers directly in the AWS Security Hub

user interface with a direct link to purchase them via the AWS

Marketplace if they are not yet an Alert Logic customer. For more

information, follow us at


on Twitter

and see our




About Alert Logic

Alert Logic seamlessly connects an award-winning security platform,

cutting-edge threat intelligence, and expert defenders to provide the

best security and peace of mind for businesses 24/7, regardless of their

size or technology environment. More than 4,000 organizations rely on

Alert Logic SIEMless Threat Management to ensure the right level of

security and compliance coverage at a lower total cost than point

solutions, SIEM tools, or traditional MSSP outsourcing. Founded in 2002,

Alert Logic is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with offices in Austin,

Seattle, Dallas, Cardiff, Belfast, London and Cali, Colombia. For more

information, visit www.alertlogic.com .


For Alert Logic Inquiries:

Christine Blake



W2 Communications


Alert Logic Leverages the New Amazon Web Services Security Hub to Manage Securit ...
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