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Together Thycotic & IBM Deliver Next-Generation Privileged Access Manageme ...


Did you hear the news?We’ve entered into an original equipment manufacturing (OEM) agreement with IBM Security! This partnership comes with an increased need for organizations to secure privileged accounts that are connected to just about every device on the network. Breaches through privileged accounts are on the rise. Now more than ever, organizations need Privileged Access Management. Our partnership with one of the leading technology companies in the world will enable us to reach a global marketplace.

Breaches through privileged accounts are on the rise

“This agreement is a milestone in the evolution of Thycotic Privileged Access Management solutions,” said Jim Legg, CEO at Thycotic.

What does next-generation Privileged Access Management look like?

Countless conversations with customers and security teams has provided us key knowledge to the biggest pain points IT admins and security teams face around privileged account security. Working closely with IBM Security, we are on a mission to solve these pain points and grow our solutions with the evolving landscape. The partnership provides:

Complete Privileged Account Security

Say goodbye to Excel documents and personal password keepers. Enterprises now can discover, vault, and manage access across windows, Unix, and linux systems all from one, centralized console. Better yet, organizations have the choice between an on-premise or cloud offering. We are always innovating

Enterprise-wide Adoption

We’ve developed Secret Server to deploy quickly without the need for training. Experience readily customizable PAM that your IT operations, security team, and business users will love.

Powerful Least Privilege Management

Don’t let least privilege and application control stop your team from being productive. Start using application control policies that include, whitelisting, blacklisting and greylisting for domain and non-domain Mac and Windows endpoints.

Reaching a Global Marketplace

“Introduced 10 years ago, Thycotic Secret Server has proven its value as one of the fastest growing PAM solutions at thousands of organizations worldwide, including Fortune 500 enterprises. Our agreement with IBM will help us reach a global marketplace with the right product, at the right time, to answer a growing and urgent need to protect privileged account and user credentials.”

With growth comes innovation. We are leading the front in cloud and DevOps secret management to deliver effective privilege threat mitigation. Discover why we’ve recently been named by Forrester Research Inc. as a Privileged Identity Management Leader. Get your complimentary report .

Together with IBM Security, we are the leader in Privileged Account Management. We look forward to seeing what’s to come with our partnership and providing organizations worldwide with the greatest privileged access security protection. Learn more about the partnership and see what IBM Security Secret Server can do for you .

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