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Best accessories for your Blink security systems


The Blink security systems are best known for giving you and your family monitored access to the world both inside and outside of your house. However, sometimes you just want to spruce your product up and make it look the best like no camera ever was. Here are some options and how they'll further improve both the aesthetic and framework of your Blink security system.

Pick a color, any color!

Blink XT Covers (Set of 3)

Your Blink security camera deserves to look its best, no matter what. While this doesn't change the functionality of your camera, it does make it look more stylish depending on which color you go for. At this time of writing, the covers are available in brick red, utility grey, and trim white.

$25 at Blink A firm grip

Sully Hard Case Mount for Blink Cameras (Set of 3)

This mount works indoors and outdoors, meaning that no matter what, you'll be able to swivel your camera around and see just what's happening. All you'll need is three screws for the mount, but zero screws for the case to fit onto the camera, making installation easy. The hard case that comes with it also stops outside impacts, such as smudging, from concealing your camera's view.

$14 at Amazon Tell the world!

Blink Security Stickers

Do you want the whole world to pass by your house and know that you, the clever, secure person you are, protected your house with a Blink system? Then these stickers will be perfect for you to plaster all over your camera. It may not seem like the best fashionable thing out there, but who doesn't like stickers?

$9 at Blink A central hub

Blink Classic Sync Module

The Blink Classic Sync Module is a hub that'll connect your devices to the cloud on your mobile app. For example, through the use of one sync module, you'll be able to connect certain cameras to only work during the day. Whereas you can connect other cameras on another sync module to only work at night, making this a pretty useful accessory to have (even if they are a bit pricey).

$50 at Blink Never change batteries again

BBTO Power Adapter Weatherproof Cable

Changing your batteries is no big deal, but what if you could just simply plug your Blink Camera into a USB port and have it charged 24/7? With this power adapter, not only will you have the means to do so, but you'll be able to have it working no matter whether it's raining or snowing. Now, that's what I call weatherproof.

$16 at Amazon Easy to change

Blink Camera Mounts

So you've got your sturdy wall mounts, but what if you just want a camera mount that'll hold down the fort without having to cash out more than you need to? With these Blink camera mounts, you won't need to constantly screw and unscrew your cameras to move it places; you can just clip and unclip!

$15 at Amazon

These are the very best accessories I've found for your Blink security systems. These accessories will either brighten the look of your prodcts, or make them more accessible for those out there who need their cameras to be set or run a certain way for them to be comfortable. For maximum benefit of your Blink security systems, I'd reccomend at least purchasing a Blink Classic Sync Module , as that'll allow you to customize your products to work the way you want them to.

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