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Sub-domain cookies security

php sub-domain session share

I need to share a session between two subdomains. I have these domains: http://example.com https://secure.example.com And I tried session sharing with this way: <?php ini_set("session.cookie_domain", ".example.com"); session_start()

PHP Cookie Security

I have this secure page. just want to ask if there should be anything that i need to worry about on my cookie login. I don't use mysql for saving the users data since only the admins need to access the page. Could you tell me any flaws to my secure l

Switch from domain cookies to subdomain

I have a site with domain www.foo.com and we used to save our cookies with www.foo.com. From now on we want to add sub domain to our site test.foo.com and because of that i can't get to the old cookies that used to be save on www.foo.com. So I change

How to check the Referrer URL is the domain or sub domain in the PHP script

I want to check the Referrer url is Main Domain or Sub domain, domain can be anything like .com , .net ,.co.in , in .. Sub Domain also can be different type- any one can suggest idea in PHP script -.. For e.g if referrer url is http://google.com is t

PHP / HTML using & ldquo; ../& rdquo; for sub-domains

I am making a website which has a sub-domain but some of the resources are shared between the main domain and the sub-domain such as the style sheet. Instead of duplicating the file into http://sub.domain.com from http://domain.com, is there a way to

error when trying to config sub domain in laravel 5 I have problem when try to config sub domain for host.For example: my host is: demo.com and I want to config demo.com/speech. File route is something like this : Route::group(['prefix' => 'speech', 'as' => 'speech'], function() { Route::resource('us Cookie Security

I had a quick question about cookie security that I wanted to run by the stackoverflow community before I got too far into implementing it. This will be my first time implementing user sign-in on a site and I wanted to be extremely cautious about sec

How to add (sub) -domains to apache / ISPConfig2?

I am working on a PHP-script to conventiently clone an existing CMS-Installation. Basically it all works fine, but the next thing I wanted to do is to auto-configure the (sub)domain for the new site in apache/ispconfig 2. I know ispconfig 3 would be

Set up the Fu sub-domain in the production environment?

I'm using the popular subdomain-fu for subdomain functionality in my Rails app. I've watched the Railscast and read everything I could find through google. In the dev environment, you need to manually add the available subdomains to the /etc/hosts fi

Cross sub-domain ajax longpolling

I am creating a notifications script that check a database for changes and returns then in a javascript custom popup. I have successfully made the jquery ajax loading and processing script, and php long polling page. all this worked great aside from

Cross domain cookie using CORS in Safari

I followed the example: http://arunranga.com/examples/access-control/credentialedRequest.html from this page: http://arunranga.com/examples/access-control/ The example work in Firefox, but not Safari, anyone have tried in implementing CORS cross doma

Problem of cross-domain cookies (ASP.NET)

i have a problem with cross-domain cookies. I read a lot of documentation about sharing cookies between subdomains. The main idea of all articles is set Domain property to something like ".mydomain.com". I've created two domains on local IIS ser

chrome-extension: retrieves all cross-domain cookies under the url tab?

I am only able to grab cookies with the same domain, but when you view the cookies in the chrome dev tool, you can see a bunch of cookies with different domain values under the same url tree tab on the right like below. The circled cookie is from a d

Is a javascript bookmark that can set domain cookies in case of security breach between domains?

I am creating a bookmarklet that is to be used across a wide range of domains. I wanted to set some cookies to store temporary settings for this bookmarklet, so I assumed that setting a cookie from this script would assign the cookie to the domain of

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